Greetings from the french countryside!

Hello everyone!

I’m Benjamin, a 20-year-old waiter from the south-west of France. I was seeking a forum about the harp when I came across this website. I bought a harp 3 weeks ago but never took lessons. However my older brother gave me some advices to begin. I wanted to learn how to play the harp because I’m a hardcore blues listener. I also listen to rock’n roll, funk, dub, reggea, ska and jazz a lot. My harp is a diatonic in the key of C.

I don’t know what to write else.

Welcome to the forum Dubsmoke and good luck with your harmonica

Harp On!!

Sounds good bro! What brand harp do you have?

Peace Out!


Hi Dubsmoke I know its difficult to find anything here In the UK don’t know how it is in France but in England its tough
any way I saw you said you haven’t taken lessons well here’s a Page link
The teachers name is JP Allen and the link I have just posted for you also has a part on it to give you some free lessons sent direct to your email, its what I did I progressed so much that I’m now studying the entire course
So hey welcome to the forum I hope I have been of some help take care bud

JP Allen provides a comprehensive entertaining music CD that includes backing tracks for pop, funk, country harmonica just to name a few.

Just another reason why I say JP Allen packs so much information into his lessons, and he offers the world’s most favorite, best-selling home harmonica boxed DVD set.

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Howdy Dub! JP’s course is great. I studied instrumental music for…well…too long, and I find the course to be well suited for the pro or novice musician, young or old. It will get you started in about any direction you want play.
Welcome to our campfire.


Sorry for this late answer but I was kinda in holidays…let’s say that. My harp is a Hohner Marine Band.

Thanks for the link! I used to be focused on adam gussow videos on youtube but I’m actually doing pretty good with JP’s videos. By the way I’ve got to tell you that where I am located it’s pretty hard to find anything…deep countryside rules!

Again, thank you all for your help!

Any time Dubsmoke thats what were here for, if you ever over here, let me know we can jam

harp it up bud

Good choice, if I don’t say so myself!


Hello, just landed. - I wish you’ll have big fun … and me too. ;D

Salut, juste atterri. - Je souhaite grand plaisir … à moi aussi. ;D

Till now, I listened to Christelle Berthon, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Paul Lassey, Davenport,
James Cotton, Williamson II, Filisko, Levy, etc
. … ( Youtube ).

Je reste dans l’attente du cours commandé de JP Allen.
I’m waiting for the ordered method of JP.