Greetings from the Midwest

Hey all!!

Just thought I’d stop in and say Hi.

I’m very much so a beginner in this adventure know as blowin’ Harp and have loved every step of it so far. I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time and the opportunity came while I was home for 10 weeks after a shoulder surgery.

I look forward to posting with you all and reading about your experiences ;D

Read and post away, Illinois Skinny!


Have fun!

Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome to the forum skinny

How long have you been playing.

harp On!!

Missouri welcomes you! Enjoy!

Hey IllinoisSkinny,

I’m glad you joined the forum, you’ll find lots of great harmonica info here and meet lots of characters…

Have fun, and keep us posted,

Your harmonica buddy,


Have fun learning harmonica. I can tell you that I started to learn harmonica for about 1 year ago and used JP’s DVD set and it is amazing how fast you can learn tricks that impress people around you.

Happy harpin!
Greetings from Iceland

Guy from Texas says, Howdy! ;D

from Tennessee…