Greetings from West Virginia!

I’m a noob harp player…I’m in my 50’s and I played a slight bit as a kid but not with any seriousness. I just got a Special 20 in C last week and have been trying to take it seriously.

I bought JP Allen’s course (which I haven’t received yet) and have been devouring other Youtube lessons by Adam Gussow and others.

I’ve been playing guitar for just about all of my adult life so luckily I have a very good handle on music theory, i.e. modes, scales, how they relate, spelling chords and things…but now the job is to translate that knowledge to the harmonica and “get” what the harmonica is…if that makes any sense.

I’m finding it’s a lot of fun but though I found I can bend already…I can’t bend very much, nor can I bend accurately.

I’m realizing that it’s just like learning guitar…at first, your fingers find everything clumsy and awkward…but after a while your muscles realize what to do to make good noises…

Anyway…I look forward to getting a LOT of help from you all. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! Have any questions just ask and we will figure it out.