Guitar Amps

My little brother has a guitar amp, so I decided to buy a small mic that I can play my harmonica through. He doesn’t want me to play the amp with the mic because he is afraid that I could screw something up. Is there any truth to this?

Guitar amps are just that, made for electric guitar. The pickups on an electric guitar have a much lower gain factor than most microphones so the signal from the guitar is boosted to the power section of the amp thru the amps gain section. Herein lies the problem, microphones WILL feedback terribly and this could cause much harm to the speaker of an amp, whether it be solid state or tube. The only way you can get by is to not turn the amp up past 2 (maybe2). At this point the amp can only make you marginally louder, and you won’t sound like Little Walter. Don’t take it too personally, I don’t let guitar players use my amps that are tubed for harp.
Supero Presidente

Thanks for warning me before I did anything stupid! lol I’ll be careful with it.