Hallo from Germany

Hi Guys,
I live near Heidelberg in Germany. I’ve been playing. Harp on and of for a while and am here looking for motivation to remain consistent and improve


Hi, @Germanowl, and welcome to the forum! I too am in Germany and I guess that there are several others here from Germany as well.

Remaining consistent and improving require, of course, regular playing and practice, even if it is just the mundane things like playing scales or practicing bends in different ways (such as starting with a bend, raising the tone up to the unbent note and then bending back down to the starting tone), practicing trills (e.g. the 4-draw 5-draw trill, or any other) and tongue flutters/trills).

For motivation it is more difficult to provide help as it is pretty individual. Some people find motivation in trying to learn new styles of playing (e.g. rather than always playing blues, try folk music or country & western, or even classical), while others record their playing and perform self-criticism (at least for me, when I listen to my recorded playing I find that it is frequently quite different than I thought it was at the time that I recorded it – my timing was off or my bends were not hitting the correct tone :nauseated_face: ).

Good luck with your harp playing, and enjoy the forum! :sunglasses:

– Slim

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Cheers Slim, thanks for you reply. Great to hear from you. Regarding motivation, contact with others is also a great help.