Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

How many harmonica players are there because of Bob?

Definitely me that’s for sure . When I first started playing about 3 years ago.
I was told to listen to harmonica players he was the only one I knew .

So I started listening to him and I like everything he does.

Not that he. Is a great harmonica player.

Just like all his style s of music…

Harp On !!

Well MC –

The same can be asked/said about John Lennon:


Billy Joel:

How to play piano man on the harmonica- garenteed success

Tom Petty:

Tom Petty Songs on Harmonica

And Neil Young:

Neil Young’s Heart of Gold Harmonica Tab Intro. G harp

Neil Young " Heart of Gold" guitar + harmonica cover

Many of us have been inspired by these classic rock 'n roll harmonica players!

If they can do it, we can too!!

Keep On Harpin’!