Happy Birthday To You…Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear (fill in the blank)…Happy Birthday to You!

Okay, so this Sunday, November 7 is my birthday.

Don’t ask me my age – As I simply share Jack Benny’s at 39; am Forever Young; as well as old enough to know better but young enough not to give a damn!

However, while we have a global “like where y’all from” introductory poll – Thought it might be interesting to create a Happy Birthday Corner here.

So like the global poll, simply pick your month and day. And since most everybody knows their astrological sun sign, it’s another interesting way to see who shares what with each other.

Thing is, if you’ve had a recent birthday, happy belated. However, if you have a birthday coming up during the time it’s coming up – Feel free to let us know. And we’ll cheer you on!

But don’t like say your birthday is next August 17 today and expect anybody to remember it when it rolls around then. {I only use this as an example and remember that day since it was my Mom’s. May she RIP. Be that as it may…}

‘Course if somebody happens to find out they’re say a Leap Year Baby (February 29 for those who already forgot)…Well feel free to talks amongst yourselves about it, eh?!

Oh, and speaking of sharing – Well just so happens mine is shared with Madame Curie and Reverend Billy Graham. What that means in the grand scheme of things –

Well, just that I was born on a day that has somebody else famous enough to celebrate it with me also! {Oh, yeah, that’s cool to post as well if you’d like!}

In any event…

[u][i][b]Happy Birthday To You[u][i][b]…And Many More! :-*

Happy birthday and gallons of coffee to you dude

I wish I had Time I would play you happy birthday on my harp ;D ;D ;D

Busy schedule today but you make sure you have a good day and buy yourself a new harp for your birthday

Happy Birthday SPD

Harp on!!

Thanks Claes and JF!

I drink gallons of coffee and other adult beverages all year long! Appreciate the friendly reminder though!

Y’know for me, Happy Birthday is not that easy to play. You’d think the world’s most sung song would be, eh? Not so for little ole moi!

Took me 20+ years to find and figure it out; then the past two and half weeks playing it every day straight to get it into the memory banks.

Thing is, from my experiences, tabs on this song are not quite how people sing it. There’s kind of a rising lilt to the song itself, many times ending just a bit higher than from where it started. Know what I mean?

Happy Birthday to You.

Happy Birthday to You.

Happy Birthday Dear (Fill in the Blank) or

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to You!

And as there’s no set way to play this tune, most tabs don’t reflect that specifically. Once you commit the way it sounds to memory though, you can catch yourself and hopefully not miss a beat as you go through it.

So with that in mind, here are my versions with ever so slight differences to try, learn and play when the times call for it. Version 3 is one of those from harptabs. {Of course, the - sign means draw!}

Oh, yeah, one more thing: For even better tone and control to follow along with, instead of puckering, rather one should play it tongued across the comb all the way through!!



6 6 -6 6 7 -7

6 6 -6 6 -8 7

6 6 9 8 7 7 -7 -6

-9 -9 8 7 -8 7


6 6 -6 6 8 -8

6 6 -6 6 -8 7

6 6 9 8 7 7 -7 -6

-9 -9 8 7 -8 7


4 4 -4 4 -5 5

4 4 -4 4 6 -5

4 4 7 -6 -5 -5 5 -4

-5 -5 5 4 -4 4

So, how’s your head? now we know where you’ve been. Kinda dull when 'Lil 'ole me SPD is not watching over the forum. Happy Birthday, Dude!

Head’s pretty good…Well for a little while anyways…hehehe!!!

Actually did get some extra sleep due to the real-time hour change…Y’know the Spring Forward/Fall Back stuff here in the States?!

If the government keeps screwing with the daylight savings times, like they did the past couple of years – pretty soon ain’t going to have nothing good to look forward to when darkness rolls around, because they’ll find ways to cancel it and/or tax it!!

I see though we have another November B/day harpster or harpsterette coming up!

At least if I’m reading the Polls correctly, that is!

Hopefully also, this thread topic grows…Am interested in seeing where the rankings are once we hit a decent statistical number…

So don’t y’all be shy about letting us know when it comes around; lest you’ll have to wait another year for us to wish you a Happy Happy!!

SPD OUT (& BAKING YOU A CAKE)!! :slight_smile:

I fell back and my knees won’t let me spring forward.
Help, I’ve fallen, and I went to sleep.


Guess I’m up next! I’ll be 51 on Dec. 7! Not ashamed of my age eather. I didn’t think I would last/make it this far or be as blessed with the people God placed in my life and the blessing of a third Grandaughter on Dec. 22 unless she decides to come sooner (you know how girls can be!) Doc. says it won’t be later cause he/she will go get her, (don’t wanna come to hospital during holidays).
I wish you all God’s blessings for Christmas!

Well PB –

Considering in '41 it’s notable as a day that will live in infamy –

Still, you share your special day with hosts of the famous and not so well-known:




Life is good PB. You got your harp and you got your family !!


And Thanks for being around the forum.

Harp On!!

Happy Birthday Paul :D…and just so you know there was one celeb missing on the list SPD posted…I will be 43 on December 7th!

I agree that my age doesn’t matter, I have also been very blessed in my life. God has put many wonderfule people in my life, most especially my wife and her two daughters. We are now expecting twins, one girl and one boy, on April 14, 2011 ;D ;D


On a side note, my Mother was baptised on the actual day of infamy…1941!

Mine is in a week! (December 14th to be exact)

Happy Happy Boz & JJ!!

But…hmm…since our poll currently shows 4 b-days in December – ;D ;D ;D ;D

Well counting the baby steps backwards, seems somewhere along the way:

April Showers were bringing more than just May flowers!!

Hehehehehe!!! :smiley:

Yeah okay…

Growing up Catholic, we celebrated Christmas Eve dinner; the next day, after Santa Claus came and before we went to Mass – We would kneel down at the nativity scene under the tree and sing Happy Birthday Jesus.

Not the popular song you might hear nowadays - But in the original way.

Anywho –

If your birthday is today too – Happy Happy!

And even if people and traditions eventually move on as Time itself does – Well, thankfully the memories are still there.

So Happy Birthday Jesus! Peace & SPD Out!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Just caught it on facebook! 8)

Amen! And many more!


Wow! Just think:

Two more days and we’d’ve been calling him –

JP “D-Day” Allen! :slight_smile:

Wonder if ol ‘Harmonica Breeze’ Pops agrees:


Howdy & Special Shout Out to All!

Today, August 31 2011, marks the first year anniversary of the JP Allen forum!

Although actually created on April 28 of last year - from a 2009 proposal I originally sent to Jason who sent it on up the ladder to JP Allen himself; who then agreed to have this forum in his name only if I agreed to be its first big time Moderator - well, it took me several months to fully decide and commit myself to it.

And it was on August 31 2010 that the JP Allen Community Harmonica Forum was launched world-wide!

Well a lot can happen in a year. While we’ve certainly had our share of growing pains; while still yet there’s much more to do and explore; and while I’m currently in negotiations and talks with the higher ups as to whether I may or may not continue on as your lil ole me host here –

I just want to take this time to express my heartfelt gratitude for you all making this forum and this experience the great success it is!

It’s always good to see people new to the JP Allen harmonica experience, come in, sign up and begin their harmonica journey with us.

It’s always nice to see people who haven’t been around for awhile come back and give updates and let us know how they’re doing and what they’ve been up to!

But it gives me the greatest pleasure to always see the cast of regulars who have since become forum friends who stop by almost daily/weekly just to see what’s/who’s new or just hang out and who keep this forum going and definitely a fun place to visit!

While JP may be the head of the forum; while lil ole me may be the current soul of the forum; without doubt it’s you, the fine members here, who are the heartbeats and lifeblood of this forum as it is!

As we celebrate our first year in existence, {although one shouldn’t really say it, but still} it’s my birthday wish that you’ll be with us and stay with us for many more years to come!

So for JP Allen, myself and ALL:

Happy Birthday to US!

Keep Smiling!

Thanks for reading!

Peace & God Bless!

Joseph aka Street Player Dude looking out for YOU! :slight_smile:

{Oh, PS and BTW: Got it from a good source yesterday the word on the street is that today is also our good friend (and one of the very first forum sign-on members) Barry’s birthday too! If the information is correct, he’s a big 73 years young today! So if/when you happen to see him, be sure to wish him a Happy Happy and many more harpin’ years to come as well! :-* }

Cheers! And many more!

I recorded this a while ago, and its not very good, but its characteristic of my style!

Peace Out, and many more to all!


Been here 12 months today and loving it.

Thanks JP