Shout Out: BT!

I know that when I’m chewing gum and then pick up a harp, my playing can be a little choppy. By the same token, you shouldn’t be biting them bullets and playing harp at the same time either because…well, it is what it is!

Just a friendly tip from your ole pal SPD! :wink:

Shout Out: Keith!

Just checked your sign-on date; you most certainly have!

Thanks for your fine contributions and participation these past 365; looking forward to having you around for another 365 and beyond!

Rock on, mate! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure when it was or how I found this great forum but I can testify that it has made a big difference it both my playing and progress.
I would like to say Thanks to SPD for pushing for the conception of this forum and Thanks to JP and his team for its birth.
Happy Birthday Harmonica.com Forum!!!