Happy Turkey Day!

For those planning to do some air traveling during this big holiday - even more happiness:

TSA Advertisement Commercial SNL Saturday Night Live.avi

You know if MAD TV did that they would take it one step further…

Thats funny though.

Harp oN!!

Mad TV! ;D

Don’t get me started!

Well maybe one:

MADtv - Dot’s Thanksgiving Play

Well maybe one more:

Kenny Rogers & James Brown Thanksgiving

Okay you talked me into it. This last one somebody looks awfully familiar but who knows, eh?!

Mad TV - Thanksgiving affair

Kenny and James for Thanksgiving! Bust out the instruments, it’s time to do some country rock!

Pipemike wishes everyone a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving!

May everyone have a harpin’ good day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone ;D

Ya’ll do the same!!! ;D

May the bird be stuffed, with you next… ;D

The giblets cooked, just the way you like em… :wink:

And your team win! Yay!! :smiley:

I get the gizzard! And maybe the liver too!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I’m thankful that I can play some music now. I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I picked up the harmonica and really put some effort into it. I hope my kids will learn an instrument too and have fun with it.

I’m at my inlaw’s for thanksgiving and I really want to play right now, but everyone is sleeping. I’ll get my chance later though. I might break out O Holy night later today or tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well. I have a hard time getting through the whole song without my lips drying out.

Happy Thanksgiving! Greg, when I find my lips sticking to the harp, it is because I am holding to firmly to my lips. Try to remember to softly ‘kiss’ the harp. It seems to help me. Just 2-cents, give it a try.

When I find my lips sticking to the harp today, it will be because I didn’t wipe the turkey fat off my lips first. Maybe that’s how they get ground turkey…clean out harps on Thanksgiving.
OK, I’ll apologize for messing up appetites.
Bon Appetit!

And BTW, don’t knock gizzards. Fried, they’re the best part of a chicken…as long as you have plenty of time to chew on them.


Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope everyone has a Great Day!!!

Turkey fat might make them slide pretty good actually :slight_smile:

The Gizzard and the liver are the best part.

Yeah, turkey fat (hey, who you callin’ Turkey Fat?) is slippery when it’s fresh, but don’t you remember when you were a kid and the turkey or chicken fat started to get sticky after you’d worn it a while? That’s when you use it for bearing grease, or super glue if you wear it long enough.


For me, fat is fat and always greasy.

What made the ‘fat’ congeal is the flour and water that grandma put into the drippings which made for the wearing of everyone’s ‘turkey dinner’ hardening up.

Flour and water mixed is one woman’s gravy; another man’s bread; and some kindergarten kid’s glue! Go figure!

As far as the gizzards go - Well, having spent more years away from the thanksgiving day table due to my traveling over the road than I ever care to count – One year I was on a trip from Detroit, Michigan to Dallas, Texas.

Early morning Thanksgiving, in Missouri, I took a break at this nice little out of the way truck stop. {A lady friend driver turned me onto the place, and since then always made the stop as part of my route when in the neighborhood. Anywho…}

Thing I liked about it is, they actually sold gizzards by the bag and box full. After showering and fueling up to get along my way - I got my coffee and smokes as well as a box of gizzards to go.

Clerk said that dinner with all the fixins would start at 11:00 am and was free to drivers. It was 7:00 am. I told her I still had quite a long way to travel before crossing over into Texas, so I’d have to miss out on it.

She filled up one box of gizzards; then another. She cashed me out but didn’t charge me for the second box. I asked if there was a mistake. She smiled and said: “Happy Thanksgiving, driver! Have a safe trip; and ya’ll come back and see us when you can!”

Coffee, smokes and gizzards – Yum!! One of the nicest thanksgiving dinners I ever had!

OK, we just polished off the last of the turkey. We pretended it was chicken (turkeys are stupid…you can talk them into anything) and made some killer turkey…uh fake chicken noodle soup. Great big fat noodles. It was the perfect thing for this wet cold day.
Now I’m thinking of Ham and turkey for Christmas. Maybe some great big biscuits too! With honey if there are any left over later.
I directed a band in a farming community famous for its peaches, tobacco, wine grapes (for cheap wine labels) and turkeys (also other crops). When the turkeys were moved to the Campbells soup plant, the roads looked as if they had been hit by a sudden snow storm. You didn’t need a map to find the soup factory, just follow the feathers. That was a good place.
I wish I had been learning the harp then. I’d have fielded a marching harmonica band! Really. If I’m a-lyin’, I’m a-diein’.


We pretended it was chicken (turkeys are stupid...you can talk them into anything)

A) Funniest line of the week and it’s only Tuesday!

B) Are you sure the turkey wasn’t pretending to be a chicken…But you went ahead and ate 'em up anyways?

Don’t know then who the stoopid ones is there, but begs the question too:

What part is the mince in the mince meat pie?

Only answer I can think of from your stretch of the woods is:

The road kill part, silly!