Harmonic Minor

I’m thinking of buying a Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor in either A or G.
Can I play that like any other diatonic or do I have to learn a lot of different notes in different positions? Does anyone have experience with them. I know a lot of Dutch folk songs that probably would sound very nice on one of those. I came to Canada when I was 15, so had most of my education in Holland.John

Same feel, just minor!

And I would definitely go with the key of A…

Same type of deal…unless you’re trying to read music, its just a improv with a different feel!


Thank you for that response. I’ve ordered a Lee Oscar A harmonic Minor at my local music store . I should have it before too long. I’ m looking forward to playing it. Thanks Again.John

The only Minors aloud in here are the ones that don’t drink. lol.