Harmonic Minor

I’ve finally received my Lee Oskar Am harmonic minor. It took almost a month to get it but I love it. When you play a song on it it does’nt sound like the regular song but very mysterious and haunting. Now to find music tabs for it. Anybody have any ideas?John

I love my harmonic minor! I just like blowing into it and seeing what I can come up with. You know about JP’s Gypsy Wedding Song lesson? It’s worth the money BIG TIME. You might just try a Google search for songs in A minor. House of the Rising Sun I think is one. Anyway, when I’m ready, I’ll be tackling JP’s lesson. Just don’t think you can beat that!

Hi Ic
It is a problem to find songs that play nice on the Harmonic Minor. I have a Dutch gypsy song called “De Scharesliep”,(it’s about a guy with a knife and scissor sharpening cart and how he makes a living), which is made for the Harmonic Minor. Also try “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho”, that works very nice.John

I listened to them both on YouTube. Thanks for the heads-up.

Another few I found: Tell it on the mountain, Go down Moses, Wade in the water, Weeping Mary , What child is this, God rest ye merry Gentlemen, We Three kings, Motherless child sees it hard, Did’nt my God deliver Daniel, and I feel my time aint long.These are all in minor keys, some in E minor some in other keys.May have to transpose into Am key, if you’re playing only Am. you can find them on the internet somewhere.Hope that helps somewhat. John

WOW! Most of these I’ve never heard. I’ll have to go to YouTube and see if I can hear them there. I’ve got to remember the melody or having any tabs I find won’t help me much. Guess I’ve got some listening to do. Thanks!

I’m the same way, if I don’t know the tune no tabs are going to do much good, you got to get the timing right and to create the mood of the song. But yes, most of them you can find on you tube, and what I do , I download them on my MP3 and listen to the song till I can play it.John

You can Google “Spotify”, it is a music station of sorts. You can put in any song title and it will give you many options of people that have recorded it and you can play it to get the tune. It’s free. I think I have only not found 2 tunes I have searched for.

Thanks for the songs GH!

For my part…I just mainly do improv!