Harmonica academy

I have just started to play the harmonica and am waiting for my full set of DVD’s and CD’s to arrive from PJ.

I have been reading through the forum and noticed a lot of positive feed back from all about the harmonica academy.

Now baring in mind that I am retired and have nearly all day everyday to play and study, do you think it would help or harm if I studied both courses at the same time. My main concern is that the differing techniques may be too hard to learn at the same time. On the other hand of course they may compliment each other as well.

If anyone who is studying at the Harmonica Academy or has more knowledge than me - I think thats everyone ;D - can give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

Play long and play hard

Andy I am enrolled at harmonicaacademy.com, I started with JP’s bundle and then
signed up over at the academy. I am glad I did, The academy I believe is extremely
challenging if you follow the lesson plan there.

Get through JP’s bundle, definitely take your time going through all there is there.

Then you’ll be ready to tackle H.A.

Harp On!!

Sounds good to me Joe. thanks.

Wasn’t sure if the 2 courses would compliment each other or not.

Play long, play hard

Hmm…I think I answered a similar post like this not too long ago…

After scratching my head (and butt) several times, Eureka I found it:


Thing is – Regardless of where/how you jump into the pool of our vast & mighty Harmonica Universe – As I say many times and say again: You gotta have a plan, man (and woman!)

Along with JP Allen’s best selling, world’s most favorite home harmonica course boxed DVD set – where many of us new players begin this fun exciting journey into the world of harp – Still, there’s so many options, places, styles of music, etc. to visit, see, behold and participate in.

Sure, early on, it can be overwhelming and yes, even frustrating at times. But that’s all part of life too!

Once you get past those humps, and you will – Then the harmonica world smiles and opens up to you again, and you find it’s still exciting and fun to be part of!

And while it’s easy for me (or anyone) to get discouraged by the fact that the more I learn about harp the less I really know about it at all – Well, not so really! I turn that on its head and say:

A little bit of knowledge in Harmonica Universe is a lot of knowledge in Harmonica Universe! I believe it’s absolutely true once it gets into your skin, blood and bones!

If it hasn’t already!

JP Allen, Tony Eyers, Dave Gage, Howard Levy, Jon Gindick, Adam Gussow – the list of harp teachers goes on and on…

Hohner, Lee Oskar, Suzuki – the makes/models seem endless too…

But in the final analysis: It’s really not the end that counts, but how much fun you have getting anywhere harpin’ along the way that truly does!


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Many thanks SPD

Points made in the link well taken. I’m afraid I hadn’t connected the subject to the Harmonica Academy when I looked through.

I think both you and Joe have made a good point though. Basically learn technique from JP’s lessons and go through them all thoroughly and then when I’m ready to continue see what “grabs” me.

Many thanks

Live long, play hard