Harmonica Beatboxing- Green Day ( Full version )

Harmonica Beatboxing - RAYNE- Green Day ( Full Version)

there she isssss
I kept the reverb in, took the echo down a bit
it sounds cool without the effects regardless but I can’t help it I love it with them haha

I like it bro!

I wasn’t a fan of Green Day, but I might change that!

Keep on Rockin’!


Cool beans thanks!
haha well Its not a green day song I just named it Green Day

LOL well then never mind! Good song anywho!


I like it. Its a lot different than the normal beatbox harmonica I have heard in the past that all sounds very similar. Keep it up.

mad respect!
yeah i know exactly what you mean tho they do sound all similar for the most part
nice to have a different style you know?

I might have liked it better if you played without trying to keep up with the beatbox. When you lost the groove it got away from me…and you ;D
Super Prez