Harmonica cleaning

How well does the denture tablets clean your harp, just wondering. Currently I have been using 94% alcohol but seems to leave a funny taste.

Rinse with water after the alcohol, then tap excess out and allow to dry. This should remove the taste. I have never used the tablets myself!

I use tablets or vinegar + bicarbonate of soda.
It cleans the same and needs a good rinsing

Can you say more about this? I am back into playing and have a 70s vintage set (plastic comb) Golden Melodies. I used to run water all the time and of course often got mouth junk out of them.

Now that I am playing again often, I need to relearn what works best for active use. Does the bicab or denture tab have a cleaning effect on the mouth junk that water lets build up over time? I am guessing that I should: keep rinsing before and after playing, less before than I used to as it makes me break and slap hard during a song some of the time to unclog the water.

And every month or so, clean with bicarb or alcohol or dent tabs? Does this sound right?



I would imagine the tablets clean the harp in much the same way they clean the dentures, which is mouth junk.
levelbest- you are on the right track, IMO! I rinse mine every couple of days, Sterilize with alcohol every 3-4 weeks, and take it apart for a good cleaning when a little gunk starts to show in the corners of the holes or if it starts sticking.
I use alcohol, a soft toothbrush, pipe cleaners for the holes, and rinse with water. I’ve never used the tablets but have read it does well.
Vinegar is a natural cleaner too just make sure to rinse well as it is a corrosive.

Most, almost all of my harps are the 70s GM type. You can’t easily take them apart. In fact, I got notes stuck on my G GM, it was going bad and I finally had to replace it. Is there any good info out there on retooling the nail holes to screw holes so that these harps can renew their lease on life? Could have sworn I saw an article on that some where?

Other wise I am assuming a denture tab is a soak solution and one that would be useful for those old harps which are so hard to take apart.

OK, maybe the way is here: http://www.angelfire.com/music/harmonica/replacechromnails.html

That looks like the way to go! I would use the method that taps the bottom plate, but that’s just me!