Harmonica Experience Last Night

Well, I though some of you might be curious about a harmoncia experience last night…one of the best nights of my life. It was a day early birthday party my friends had for me, and after the pizza and cake, we decided to take a walk. I had brought two harmonicas (I always bring at least one where ever I go) and I taught one kid to play rhythm, and then from there we jammed up and down the streets of Kearney, NE, having an absolute blast! At one point, we all marched in a line down Central Ave to the tune of Old Susanna! Oh man…I have not had such a good time, plus I got a few kids interested in Harmonica! Wahoo! My friend took a video of some of it, and I’ll see if later I’ll be able to put that up for y’all!

Keep on Harpin’!


Fun, ain’t it?! :slight_smile:

Cool Beans! :wink:

Keep On Harpin! :smiley:

Hey BT! Having fun is really a lot of fun when you’re having fun…aint it?
That DOES sound like a cool night. Take more harps next time. Maybe you can start your own local harpin’ club.


Hey Bob, how ya do’in?


Bob, come on over to www.harmonicaclub.com and come into the video chat room. Tyson and several others from this forun are in there and we have a great time.


Here is a link for a video of part of the walk:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23845167/Harmonica%20Walk%20Unedited.mpg (it should work.)

The part where I stopped playing and started to say something about not being able to play a song…I started a hymn and then realized that it had too many accidentals for me to play. The rest is mainly improv…does anyone have any suggestions? I started to get out of breath there at the end…all the marching, and the pizza…ugh.

BT it’s not working, You should set up a youtube account and maybe put it up there.

Harp On!!

Hey, BT! It worked for me. Had to wait a bit for it to load. You need toget those three in the back more involved. Get them a drum or something! ;D Glad you hadfun! That is what it is about. Amasingly, that road you were walking down looks to just like Kinsley, Kansas! Wereyou walking North and South?
Been through Kinsley, KS several times, it is amasing to me how alot of the smaller towns in the plains states look alike. Even one’s here in Texas. Enjoyed your video! Keep it up! Happy Harpin’! ;D

I got it, I had to download it, it took about 5 minutes but that was very cool and worth it ;D ;D

You did GREAT!! It’s not easy playing and walking or marching at the same time.

Harp On!!

Glad it finally worked! ;D

I’m thinking about next time getting one of the fellas to play guitar…have a real marching jam session!

Yes, it was N/S…and most of small towns do look alike! lol