Harmonica holder?

I need a holder so I can play my guitar and harmonica at the same time. Anybody use one they can recommend? Anybody try one that they hate? Musician’s Friend had 5 listed. I have no idea which one would be better.


I ordered one from C2C Music…too small. They wouldn’t let me replace it. So avoid them.

Ordered one from Amazon…just right.

It’s a buyer’s market choice!

Good luck!

“Have Harp (Holder), Will Travel!” 8)

What brand/model did you get?

Started with this one:


I didn’t like it; too small.

So got this one:


Looking through Amazon, this one doesn’t look bad either:


Again though, it’s a buyer’s choice! Good luck!


I like the Dunlop HH1 Harmonica Holder. Very adjustable, you don’t have to “crane” your neck tryin’ to reach your harp. $17.95 seems to be the going price. Shipping charges will vary dependant on the vendor you choose.
On a lesser note I can’t figure why Joe (SPD) would want or need a harp rack, last I knew he didn’t play guitar. Maybe he just wants his hands free for ulterior motives, like shuckin’ oysters, and chokin’ chickens :smiley:
When you get one Charles you will in no time realize why they are refered to as “harmonica racks”. They can be like a medievel torture device tryin’ to get used to using it.

Thanks, Chromeaddict.

I just ran across a new hands free holder from Piknboard. I said goodbye to that neck thing forever. This slick giz holds two harps, mounts onto the end of a sm57 or 58, and and rests in the mic clip. Hands free, two harps. Now I can get the missing fourth or fifth, depending on if you are playing straight or cross harp. They have a slick way of mounting both the harp box and a vocal mic on a boom. This has simplified my life considerably. I don’t think they are even advertising it yet, (I got a prototype from a partner in Utah)so you might try contacting them.