Harmonica Magazine

Hi I was just wondering what harmonica magazine people are getting? And how pleased they are?

Good question Clarence,

I have no Idea if there even is one. But would be interested in subscribing if there were.

Harp On!!

Here is a site with a list of some.


There’s also this one by Mel Bay


There is a monthly UK magazine called ‘Harmonica World’ by the National Harmonica League.

I say UK but it has articles and readership from all over the world.

It is a yearly subscription and can be found at www.harmonica.co.uk

Happy Reading!

Honkin Tom


Although there have been many brick & mortar/hard copy mags available in the past – pre-internet –

Methinks nowadays anything of a mag feel or thereof would/will be in e-zine format.

And since most if not everything in relation to harp news is virtually free today…If save you’re paying for such things as JP Allen’s, Jon Gindick’s, Adam Gussow’s lessons etc., etal – Well, you’re definitely paying too much!

Just one man’s opinion…

Keep On Harpin’!