Harmonica question I still haven't found the answer for- Plz try

First I just wanted to say thank god for the internet and forums, people are so helpful and I’m sure I’ll eventually find the answer to this through other friendly people who take their time to help others.

I play guitar in mostly Minor keys, aeolean mode, for example in E minor, its e,fsharp,g,a,b,c,d,e. This is all the same notes as G major or G ionian. I know that I can use a G harp while playing in E aeolean mode and hit all the notes, however I have to start more than half way up the harm to start hitting the full scale.

What harp should I buy to be able to hit all these notes, but have the scale start lower on the harp? I wish you could just buy an E Aeolean harp but I guess you can’t.
I bought an Am harp hoping to play in A Aeoleon but there is an A flat. Right now to play in A Aeoleon I use a C harp but again, I’m starting the scale so high and wish I could get the notes lower. Please let me know if you guys can help, thank you very much.


Try playing a A harp!


Hello Adam!

Okay, Aeolean, Diatonic, it’s all Greek and Latin to me! ???

And I know somebody or a group of somebodys will chime in with better answers than mine.

However, if you understand music and its language - Well, maybe this site will help you transpose around some songs you know to get down to the range you want to play in. Check it out and let me know if it helps!


Good luck!


Hmmm, but an A harp is

A, B, C+, D, E, F+, G+, A???

The problem with and a harp is that G is a really key note playing in e minor, also C+ would make it e dorian mode. I could deal with the C+ and just avoid it but really need a G in there…

Thanks Street player dude, i will check it out. And Im really glad you mentioned not understanding the modes, i should write it out so other who don’t know modes understand what I mean…

E Aeolian- E, F+,G,A,B,C,D,E (relative major is G)
A Aeolian- A,B,C,D,E,F,G,A (relative major is C)

I want to hit all these notes but starting lower on the harp, If I just buy a G or C sharp the full scale starts too high

Well you’re welcome Abed!

Again more harpsters with better knowledge is probably required here than lil ole me…

But G is the lowest harp…Yet if not an A, as Barry suggests…How might/would this all work out for you on a LOW F harp?!

Just wondering…

I just found the answer. Wow this is a huge deal.

Basically, the best thing to do is play in 3rd position. So for example, I just picked up my guitar and put it in dropped d, d minor, and grabbed my C harp and starting playing in what’s called ‘3rd position’ and it was like majic. I will need to learn to bend a few notes but this is the way to do it. You can hit all those raunchy low minor notes nice and low.

Thank god for the internet. What did people do before the internet? Suffer for years without answers.

There are also minor tuned harps. Check out Lee Oskar.

Wow! And cool beans, Amed!

I’m so glad Dave Gage’s website helped you out here!

As far as what we did before the Internet…Gawd if you only knew, we might all be in prison! Mwuahahahhaaha!!!

Please let us know how this went for you, eh?