harmonica scales

I am interested in learning a good blues scale on my c diatonic. Are there a number of different exercises that would prepare me to play some improv blues?

Find a good blues in G backing track and start just playing. Also listen to other videos of blues harp (harmonica key of C blues in G). The best way to learn improv is listen to others play and play yourself. The more you play the more you understand the instrument. Also theory of the instrument and music theory doesn’t hurt either :wink: good luck!

Blues scale 2nd pos. ( -2=draw 2, -2’=draw 2 half step bend, 2=blow 2)

-2 -3’ 4 -4’ -4 -5 6 That’s playing the middle. Work on that, then expand to lower and higher.
Lower: 1 -1’ -1 -2"(full step bend)
Higher: 6’(blow bend) 7 7’ -8 -9 9
Above all have fun. Don’t let it become work, you will lose interest.