Harmonica sling (home-made)

My Lady loves me dearly (despite my quirks) and crocheted this sling for me, I originally kept my iphone in it, but I’ve decided my iphone lays flatter in my pocket than my harmonica case does…so now it’s a harmonica sling. In my pockets right now are a huge bunch of keys, a knife, a phone, a huge wallet, headphones, chapstick, some change, and even a book on harmonica in my other back pocket, so it’s nice to have this thing for my harp.

My lady crocheted me a sweet harmonica satchel. by NonstickRon, on Flickr

Taking orders gentlemen, only $874.95 and your choice of colors. LOL! :smiley:

The only thing is the thick strap is nice and comfy but definitely warm in this florida heat, have to send it through the washer from time to time to freshen it up.

“My Lady” does nice work for her Big Daddy, no doubt…

But speaking of “Big Daddy” um er isn’t you wearing that sling banana boat pouch thingee the wrong way…Florida warm or not?!

Just curious…

LOL, it’s not big enough for what you have in mind. :wink:

Well I’m no mind reader, least of all my own…

But um er ah okay, yeah…just calling it likes I sees it!

Rock on, yo!