Harmonica starts at note 2?

I just started learning harmonica for an upcoming camping trip with a bunch of people. I want to break out the harmonica in the perfect environment!

I fished out the one Dad bought me as a boy, a Hohner Alpenecho C harmonica, diatonic I believe.

The lessons I’ve seen include notes 1-10, but my harmonica only has displayed notes 2-8, and 2 is actually the first number on there, above the first hole.

I’ve played around with it without lessons, so I could probably match songs I know easily enough, and I’ve learned the proper lip position. But I’d like to do it right, and I need someone to explain to me exactly what kind of harmonica I probably have, and whether that will affect which lessons I should learn.

Repeat, it only has displayed notes 2-8. Not 1-10. What does this mean??

Hi Yo Necro!

Sounds like you have an interesting kind of harmonica there.

I personally have never heard of it, nor could tell you anything about it.

Hopefully someone else here might.

Yet another source you may wish to seek information about this is from:


We have several cross-members who come here, go there, and vice versa.

However, the club harmonica historian there Mr. John_Broecker loves digging into and answering musical mysteries such as yours. Our friend Mr J_B works off a public computer, so his online time is limited. But if you sign up for the forum and post these same questions in one of the topic threads, when Mr J_B sees it, I’m sure he’ll give you/us more history than even you expected.

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Oh that’s right, I’m a member over there too! Hehehehe!!

Welcome here as well!

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Sounds like you have a Tremelo harmonica. Check out the pic of this one.