Harmonica with greater pitch range

I was wondering if any of you can help me here. I have a Hohner Big River Harp in the key of C. I like the tone but it doesn’t have a great range in the lower register so it’s hard to play some songs that go down low. I tried starting the melody higher but it gets really shrill. I was wondering if any of you can recommend a harmonica with a wider range, especially in the lower register? How about a chromatic harmonica? Would that have a much wider range? I’ve never played a chromatic harmonica before but I’m sure I can learn.

You can buy harps in lower and higher keys that should play in the range your looking for. Chromatic harp does have a much larger range and very different to play than a diatonic harp.

Thanks, Paulbunyn. What keys would have a lower range than the key of C?

B, Bb, A, G, Low f, to Low C. It may go lower and there may be more flat harps in between the harps I mentioned.
I hate to, and don’t want to confuse you more, but I think you should be aware harps come in different tunings too.

Thanks again, Paulbunyn. Perhaps I should buy a complete set with all the keys? What do you mean by tunings?

If it comes in another tuning, it will say the name of the tuning. Don’t worry about that too much. You should learn tongue-block octaves, where you put your mouth on four holes and put your tongue on the middle two. That’s why the lower notes are arranged as they are, to make that technique possible. It’s what the harmonica was originally intended for. It will eliminate the shrill.