I have been looking all over the internet and I’m at a cross road between two harmonicas. One the Hohner Special 20 at 37.99 and a Suzuki Harpmaster. Which one would you all recommend for a beginner that is looking for a better one than what I have. I have a Bluesband harmonica! I’m looking to learn how to been as well and need a harmonica to do it on. I can play a couple of songs but still have to look at the tab for it until I can play a song without looking.

The Special 20 is a good harmonica right out of the box. However, at that price, I would continue to shop. I don’t buy harps from any one place in particular, but I won’t spend more than $30 on one. It’s not because I’m cheap; I just know that I have never bought a harp that I didn’t want to customize or adjust in some way to fit my playing style, which means I’m going to have to put quite a bit of time as well into each harp. FWIW, I play a mixture of Special 20’s, Hohner Blues Harps, and Lee Oskars, and have never paid more than $30 for any of them. In fact, since I customize all my harps and have a sonic cleanser and disinfecter, I even buy used harps at yard sales/auctions/antique stores. Most are in full working order, gently used, and can be had for just a few dollars. Just give them a good cleaning and you’re good to go. Something to keep in mind.

And about the Suzukis, they make some wonderful harmonicas. Personally I think their quality control and tolerances from the factory are among the best. However, I can never find them at a decent price, and for my personal musical tastes, I don’t think they are as tonally mellow as what I prefer.

All said, you’ll be happy with either harp, especially considering you’ve been playing a Cracker Barrel special. You’ll notice a world of difference.

Check out the Hohner Big River Harp…I see no advantage to the Special 20 over this one, and you can almost buy two BRHs for what a Special 20 costs. I carry 5 BRHs to every gig, 3-5 gigs a week, year 'round, and have used the same 5 for several years, while the Special 20s I’ve owned I’ve worn out in (usually) about 6 months.

Know nothing about the Suzuki Harpmaster, but it’s probably a good one, as well.

Yeah the music store here where I live doesn’t even carry the Special 20. You have to order it. I’ll have to look into the big river harp thanks.

Special 20 is a good option, but I personally would go for a Seydel Session since it is easier to play. But that’s my opinion :slight_smile:

I ve been playing golden melody harmonica key c
But wanted key A blueband harmonica can’t hardly get it here in Zimbabwe
Please help

I am a beginner and want to buy beginner harmonica. Any suggestions?
I found a review of Johnson BK 520. It is cheap and I think it is good for beginners.

From all the things I’ve heard about the Johnson Blues King, it’s very bad. I’ve never tried it myself, but I’d stay very clear from cheap chinese harmonicas that aren’t Easttop or Kongsheng (and maybe Fender).