Harp Amp II

I talked about a harp amp I purchased on ebay on another thread. Someone asked if he had others listed. I recently got in contact with him as I am having him make me another. The first one I bought is 12-15 watt and is really nice. Now I am going for a 25-30 watter.
Anyhow he said it would be ok to post his email:mrharp@gt.rr.com. His name is Dan Moser. He takes old tube PA amps and rebuilds them with new parts. His 15 watt is based on a Fender Tweed Delux and he uses different value capacitors to make them work better for harp. He sells just the amp. You would need to either build a combo cabinet or like I did and build it into just a head. It has 2 6v6 power tubes. A volume and tone, one input and one speaker out, both 1/4". Like I said, I liked mine so much I’m going for the big brother, a Fender Tweed Pro clone with 25-30 watts.
He’s been playin’ harp for years and experimented with building harp amps for years till he came up with what works best.
He also builds custom amps from scratch, but only if he has a buyer for it. He has a rebuilt PA amp ready to go. I paid $180 for mine with shipping of only $9, but I only live about a hundred miles from him. If you’ve ever priced amps built specially for harmonica you know $200 is a deal!

I drove down and picked up my new amp. Turns out it’s 138 miles one way, but still better than shipping only days away from Christmas. Plus I wanted to meet the guy in person. Nice guy, really seems to know his way around amps. He builds them repairs them and modifies them.
This thirty watter really kicks ass. I put together a temporary cabinate for it. Gonna used some nice finish plywood for a cabinet later when I have more time to do a good job.
He has a couple of 12-15 watt amps he has already redone on his shelf. If you are interested email him for pricing. (mrharp@gt.rr.com) If you can put together a cabinet for it you can’t go wrong. Really nice tone, feedback is greatly reduced. You can switch the pre-amp tubes for more punch or earlier break-up.
I believe my amp search is finally over!