Harp Amp

I just bought an amp on ebay that is set up for harp. The guy is a harp player and has been messing with amps for years to learn how to make them work for harp. He says this is basicly a Fender Tweed Deluxe clone that has been tweeked for harp. It’s 12-15 watts, but last nite at an open jam it was playing as loud and good as the two other harp players Fender Bassmans. It has volume and tone controls and that’s it. That’s all it needs. Awesome sound. The tone control will take you from one extreme to the other. Powered by 2 6V6GT’s. He calls it a “Harp Tone” amp. I got just the amp, had to make a cabinate. Has a 1/4" jack that I plug into a cab with a Celestion 12" speaker. I’m thinking about making a 2 x12 cab for it.

Great find Harplayer, What did you end up paying for your amp ???

How much time did you get playing at the open jam last night, That must be awesome.
How long have you been playing harp and do you play mostly blues.

Sorry bout all the questions, it’s kind of a down the road goal for me to be good enough to
play at an open jam, actually I don’t think I’m terrible but just a little gun shy need more confidence.
Nothing I can’t get with lots of practice ;D

Harp on!!

need more [u][i][b]confidence.[/b][/i][/u] Nothing I can't get with lots of [u][i][b]practice![/b][/i][/u]

thar’s them dang blasted words agin! >:(

you just luvs keepin this can o’ worms open, dontcha, JF?! :stuck_out_tongue:

mwauahahahahaha!!! :smiley:

??? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Making yourself a better player.

1)The More You Practice ;D

2)The Better You Play ;D

3)The less confidence you need ;D

Kind of agree with that SPD

Well um, just suggests to me you’re still waiting on getting your way long overdue copy of Kenny Werner’s: “Effortless Mastery - Liberating The Master Musician Within!”

Guess until Borders or Amazon fills all their backorders, well, um, yeah, in the meantime just keep telling yourself that. I’m flexible too. I’ll kind of agree with as much for you! hehehehehe!!

Rock on, yo! :wink:

I played about 5-6 songs. Some Stones, Dylan and a bit of Blues. Been playin’ about 8 years I think. Hard to remember just when I started. Played a little years before that, but didn’t follow through. I was forunate to know some musicians and have a friend that owned a Blues Bar, which is why I took up the harp again. With not much playing time and still very little knowledge I was put in front of a mic and told “Now play”! I went for it and have been going for it ever since. Once you get that first time out of the way it can make the next one a little easier. I sometimes get a bit nervous if I don’t know the crowd, but will still try just to see if I can pull it off. Main 2 things to remember: If you are not to sure of the song, play low and just play the root notes, and second, don’t piss off the guitar player because he will cut you off and maybe never give you an opening again. :-\ OH, one more thing to remember…Have fun!! If playing harp starts to seem like work, there is a problem.

If playing harp starts to seem like work, there is a problem.

As in “Houston, we have…!”

Thanks for the cool words, yo!

Keep on jammin’!

Accually I live close to Houston. And I was asked what I paid for the amp, $180 plus $9 shipping. Well worth it!

I live close to Houston.

Well better you than me! hehehehe!!! :slight_smile:

Like Atlanta…Chicago…New Jersey/New York City…Southern Cali/Los Angeles…Megalopolises All! :stuck_out_tongue:

Am certainly not anti-Texan though…

Lived in South Central on the bordertown across from Mexico for 6+ years. :wink:

And prior to that, spent my time in the Brookhaven…Brookhurst…Whatever that Brook was with the truckstop on the west side of town on the I-10 heading towards the Alamo! ::slight_smile:

Oh plus, there’s another fine Texan gent here on the forum too. He’s up in the Panhandle/Amarillo area; so figure he enjoys them Big Texan 72-ounce super steaks also!! Yumm! ;D

It’s all good! :smiley:

Keep on harpin’!

Is he an established seller on ebay? Do you have a link to the seller or amp?

That quote goes “Houston, we have us a stench!”
Just a joke about the paper mill. Hey, I was bornededed in San Antonio, Texaco. That was before the “River Walk” days. We had a stench then too. Depends on your frame of reference now, I guess.
Hey, just having fun here. I don’t mean anything personal.
If I wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’d be talking to Spudman. NAAAHHHH!
I just can’t seem to get the hang of this dark laughter, SPD.
Like I said, better left to the pros.

Seriously, I take it the bass amps are supposed to be good for harpin?


The paper mill was close to Pasedena, south east of Houston. Lived close enough in Pasadena to smell it when the wind was right, or wrong however you look at it. It was why Pasadena was refered to as Stinkadena. With Pasadena and Deer Park being on the Houston Ship Channel there were alot of refineries and chemicle plants there. There were smells aplenty. That’s why I moved northwest of Houston 30 years ago to what at that time was country. But civilazation is moving in and cutting down all the woods. May have to head for the Hill Country. Still country there.

But nothing tops the “Tacoma Aroma” from their papermills! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seattle Edward should know all about that too!! :-X


BB…Bass amps are a good choice because they usually don’t have as many pre-amp tubes. Those tubes are where feed-back hide. Depending on the wattage of the amp, 1 or 2 pre-amp tubes are good. 3 is pushing it and more than 3 is not good. Also bass amps don’t have all that extra gain that guitar players like. Gain (pre-amp tubes) causes feed-back. Some PA amps also make good harp amps. They are designed for microphones and usually have anti-feedback built in. I had an early 70’s AIMS 100 watt PA tube amp head that was awsome. Sometimes I feel like kicking myself for ever selling it. It was heavy, about 50 lbs., plus having to haul the speaker cabinate. I see them on ebay every so often. Might get another one some day.

Hey T.T. Just noticed your question about the amp maker. Yes he does sell on ebay. Don’t know if he has anything listed or not. Goes by “amproom”. I just happened to stumble onto the one I bought.
He has a couple available now (12-22-10). Email him: mrharp@gt.rr.com for a price.