Harp cutting lip

Is there any way to take the edge off my Blue Harp MS? It’s killing my lips. I was going to attack it with a file. I know it will take a Big River comb, but I have no intention of spending any more money on this thing. I don’t like it much - yet.

I read a post somewhere where a guy said he “knocked the edge” off his harmonicas, but he didn’t go into specifics. Anybody know how to do that?

A guy on youtube says he varnishes harps that hurt his lips, but I don’t like the idea of sucking varnish.


Cutting is a problem with harps with exposed reed plates. Knocking the edge of means dulling the sharp edges using a file or fie sand paper. I prefer the black wet/dry sandpaper and drag the edge in a rounding sweep. I think it’s better than knocking off the the edge at an angle with a file. I prefer harps with recessed plates.
I use clear nail polish on the corners of the covers to keep from pulling whiskers. Clear polish leaves no taste after it dries.

That did the job nicely thanks

Glad I could help! After you learn to play a bit, you won’t bite or use any pressure on the harp with your lips so,it won’t tend to cut as much.