Harp 'Emergency'

Not really, but anything keeping me from practicing is an emergency to me. ;D

While practicing this morning, I blew out the draw reed on the four hole on my Hohner Special 20. I cleaned it, just to make sure it wasn’t something stuck in the reed, etc. It wasn’t.

I can’t return it via Amazon, doesn’t qualify via their policies, so I contacted Hohner direct - maybe they’ll take it bak for repair/replacement. Since I’ve only had the instrument for less than seven weeks, maybe they’ll take it. (crossing fingers)

Any other ideas on what I could do?

It could be a matter of the reed having twisted and is now lodged against the reedslot. Remove the reedplate and hold up to a light, check to make sure there is an equal amount of light on either side of the reed. If the reed is off center you can realign it using a feeler guag in the .002-.0025 mil rqnge. If the reed is aligned in the slot properly and not sounding it could have a fatigue fracture that is unseen to the naked eye (magnification is a major boost for harp repair) if this is the case the reed will need to be replaced. Here is how to check to see if a reed is repairable: Using a feeler gauge or a piece of cardboard slide the gauge under the reed and with and upwrd motion try to get the reed to “plink” if it makes a decernable plink the reed is probably lost its gap and not responding as it should. So you know what a free reed in good shape is supposed to sound like plink the 2 or 3 reed.
I just replaced a four draw reed in a students harmonica, my theory on why 4 draws go out is because the beginning player tries to get more out of reed than the half step bend available in the hole. 5 draw goes for the same reason although there isn’t a decernable draw bend in hole 5.
i saw your other thread about your Spec 20 going to “Harp Heaven” I hope you haven’t thrown it out! Used harmonicas are a great source for parts. After all, I got the reed to repair the students Spec 20 from and old Marine Band. ;D

Thanks for the info. I’ll give that a try.

Nah, I wouldn’t throw it out anyway, its my first harp ;D

If what you suggest doesn’t work, I’ll always keep it as a memento.

I can repair it - though sp20’s cost so little that shipping will make the repair cost the same as a new one.

Never heard any more about it, so I guess the “Emergency” passed. Being over a month has passed, a beginner may have thrown in the towel. I hope not, but I sees 'em come, and I sees 'em go.
SUPER preident

I’m still here, haven’t thrown in the towel.

Still practicing. Will admit though I haven’t revisited the SP20 as of yet. Using a cheaper Blues Bender for practice on JP’s lessons.

Life tends to make it busy sometimes, so I haven’t been posting as much as I’d otherwise like

Sorry about the Spec20. Stay with it, it/you can only get better!

I know the feeling! So glad you’re still here though! I get very busy sometimes…and sometimes you just gotta continue your harmonica life on your own!

Peace Out!