Harp Racks

Hi everyone,

I just started on JP’S lessons & having fun. My question is about
using a rack; benefits, reasons for, etc. I have essential tremor &
just ‘holding’ my harmonica can be a little tricky.

Thanks for listening,

Jim Halford

Howdy Jim!
At first, just try to hold the harmonica and play a little.
Don’t over do it and get frustrated, but just a little try.
The holder could be the trick for you though. This will free your
harmonica from your hands anyway so you can concentrate
on your embouchure and learn good starting technique and
form good habits. As you progress and are comfortable with
what you are doing, try switching to hand held a little at a time.
You may be surprised by what happens.
I’ll be waiting for a good report on your progress. The holder
will be fine for you to use forever if you need it. Just play
and have harmonica fun.
Just be careful to do as JP says with the deep mouth position.
It’s easy to try to reach out with your lips to the harmonica
while using a holder. You end up sort of spitting in your harp.
Remember…deep mouth position.


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