Harp warm up extraordinaire

Each and every morning I awake from my slumber I find it exceedingly pleasurable to follow certain pursuits one is the obvious as most of you guys & gals will be aware of so no more on that trivial pursuit. Next on the Davis agenda [yes thats me] I dont mind you knowing my surname is my early morning toot yes I did say toot as in my early morning reastablishment with my monica [R] r monica that is, she is quite a gal but she loves a good warm first thing. Much has been said on how to warm our harps up arm pits hands and other cosy places.Mine is simplicity its self yes into bed with yours truly naturaly still in her box and and she is ready to go in next to no time thats my hourly early morning toot puts me in a good mood for the forth coming morning. Ho! and by the way SPD you had no way of knowing but you were sort of right ;D peace and keep harping all you wonderful fellow bloggers

Well howdy there Toots Davis & Monica!

{Um, yeah, I’m just going to stop here now, because after that…I’ve got nuthin! mwuahahhahaha!!}

by the way SPD you had no way of knowing but you were sort of right

Um okay…you’re welcome! And feel free to fill me in anytime!

Thanks! Toots Davis & Monica! <<<just killer! mwuahahahahahahahaha!!>>>

Ciao, babe!!

just managed to pick my self up off the floor with the help of my nearest & dearest toots davis & monica that made me laugh out loud SPD its 8.00 in the evening over hear and I am going out for a beer a very good night to one and all keep harpin.

back atcha there, pjd!

and to paraphrase the immortal WC - “Ah yes! Being driven to drink, that’s the easy part. It’s getting the ride home afterwards what concerns me!” :wink:

ciao, be safe, til next time, yo!!