Harping on drums

I am not a very good harp player and have not taken lessons but I have toyed around with harmonica’s for at least 15 years now. I can play some things and love to play for my own amusement.

I am however a old drummer who just won’t quit. I started playing drums in 1966 and have played many gigs in a lot of bands. Recently I got back together with an old friend who plays lead gutair and we started to put a group together.
We now have a bass player and are almost ready to start playing out again. Our bass player brought in some songs he wanted to do that had horns so how do we do that?

It came to me that I could fill some of this with my harmonica. I have done this before using a neck rack but not with intentions of playing gigs. So now I want to get serious about playing my harps not just goofing around.

First things first…
Find a forum and get some advice. This always helps me as I am registered on several forums now. This looked like a good forum so I am happy to be here.
Next I believe that would be lessons on playing harmonica so help me there.
Also any advice on how to mic up a neck rack set up would be great.
I saw online a clip on (AMT HR2) that is really expensive so anybody know anything about that?

So any adice you all can give me will be appreciated and I look forward to talking to you.

Greetings back at ya!

I will recommend Jp’s lessons…they help plenty of people!

About hooking a mic to a harp rack…Juzzie Smith does it in this video:
Bluesberry Jam

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!



I tried harping on drums once. I couldn’t get a sound out of them. They leak too much air. I just got dizzy trying to get a blow or draw note out of them. I could never learn to bend a drum…break one maybe. I crashed a cymbal once…insurance paid off.
Hey welcome to the forum. I’ll be waiting to hear some tracks from your band. Good drummers are really amazing…and adding harp playing to the mix is more than I could cover.
Glad you’re with us.




Thanks for the welcome guys.

That Juzzie Smith video clip is amazing. He is a one man band.
I can’t make out what he is using on his harp to mic it.
It almost looks homemade but it sounds great.

Juzzie Smith - Train Ride

Here is something else I found…seems that he electrical-taped the whole mic on…I don’t know if I’d recommend it, but it looks like it worked for him!

I’ll mess around as see if I can get something like that to work for me, if I do I will tell you!


In the forum over at www.harmonicaclub.com there is a guy that has a new magnetic neck rack that is getting very good reviews.
Welcome to the group here!

I’ve watched Juzzy for a while now, Love his playing also.
I just realized the mic is not moving around so I wonder…HMMMM…

He’s only playing the bottom end 1 2 3 4 holes of the harp I suppose.

Harp On!!