Harps the masters play?

What kind of harmonica do Muddy waters and Howlin’ Wolf play?

Hey Brian!
You’re going to find that whatever harp one of the pro’s plays,
it’s not going to closely resemble the performance of an “out-of-
the-box” version of the same model. Usually it’s going to be tuned
and customized for optimal performance. He’ll/she’ll be able to scream
on a production model withot the tweaks, but it’s not really the same harp.
That being said, just about every model except the cheapies are
covered by someone in the industry. Each has a favorite for one
or another reason. A pro has picked a harp because, after a period of
trial and testing, that one seems best for him. Some use different harps
for different gigs or even different tunes or effects.
Awww…get 'em all. That’s what my wife says I did (not really…MOST of
mine are Hohners of four varieties, with Lee Oskars, Hohner and Seydel
chromatics and other types of harmonicas).