Harrison Harmonicas

Hey Guys, I just recieved a email from Harrison Harmonicas (I belong to their membership club) notifying us that Richard Sleigh and Joe Spiers two of the worlds best harp customizers have joined the Harrison Harmonica business. They now have Brad Harrison, Sleigh, Spiers and David Payne all working together on their harmonicas. As most of you know these four guys were collectively the best customizers in the entire world. This is really big news in the harmonica world!


I love the made in the USA harmonica.
Unfortunately, a Harrison is not in my budget.

From what I gathered at Howard Levy’s school forum, Brad is being overwhelmed with all the orders and interest in his harmonicas. Before too long, it’s virtually going to take a year to get one; so I better get my orders in soon!

Once I get caught up on my last few OOB harps, it’s strictly going to be customized from now on!

Rock on, yo!!

Hey SP where did you plan to get your customized harps when you started to buy?


OK Barry and SPD and Joe and especially JP and of course anybody else, give me advice.
I think this is a no brainer if these harps are playable.
A fellow not TOO far away has for sale 5 Lee Oskars in Bb, C, D, and 2 G’s and a set of reed plates in high G…also there is a Marine Band in B and a Koch chromatic with box. There’s also a nice harmonica case (looks like aluminum in picture, but not sure) and a “Harmonica Americana” book (don’t care about the book unless you say it’s a keeper).
What do you think guys? Think this is worth $150 if they are all in great shape?
What if the price is $50 for the whole she/he-bang (trying to be PC).
For $50 I figure I can delouse them and have some fun plus have a nice harp case.


Oh well, never mind. I just missed them. The guy said, “They went as soon as I posted them. I guess I sold them too cheap.”


Hey Bob, the way I figure these things is “if it ment to be it will be”. What is, is best!


50 dollars for all of them wow should have jumped on it.

Oh well next time.

Harp On!!

I did jump on them, but I must have just missed with my foot.
Yeah, well there are more harps in the world. those weren’t the last ones.
I like the idea of the Koch though. I understand they don’t have the paper (or whatever) valves like other chromatics, so they will still bend like a diatonic.
Well Barry, I’m still after Spec 20’s when I buy. I didn’t really have the bucks for this anyway, even though I did just sell my melodica. I had several things, including this, that I had planned to sell and turn into new Spec 20’s. I would have bought this bunch of harps because of the incredible deal, but I guess I really need to apply this money to my bills.
I think my wife was as disappointed as I was.


Sorry you missed your opportunity on that one, BB!

Either the person that got the package knows exactly what they have; or they’ll have to learn about them. More power to them, better luck next time - And there will probably be a next time, eh?!

Me, I’ve recently been thinking about reducing my musical instrument collection overall too.

Was thinking of tuning/customizing then selling the set of Lee Oskars and David Harp Mojos I rarely use. Plus, I do have one of those ozone cleaners from Doc Antaki that zaps and delouses things to kingdom come. So I’d make everything better than new again.

I also have a beautiful trumpet with 5-year warranty, sturdy case, books, cds and music stand I very rarely use too. I got the trumpet from Ebay last year only because when I was younger I took trumpet lessons. Also, as part of my rehab and second chances at life - When I decided I wanted to finally learn an instrument, well, the trumpet came in as part of the mix.

Thing is, except for the scales and a rendition of When The Saints Go Marching In, I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep it around. For my selling all the harps as well as the trumpet and all its accessories, we’ll see.

But yeah, always good to keep your eyes open for bargains, even if they fall into the ‘lightly used’ categories - As long as you know what you’re getting into both prior and afterwards!


Rock on, yo!!

All true SPD.
BTW, what kind of trumpet do you have?
I can’t help but ask questions about trumpets. If you ever need trumpet advice, just shoot me a PM or email. You’d be surprised at some of the tricks I can show you. “Saints” can be a lot of fun. The old jazz men started me playing things like “twinkle Twinkle,” until I was so sick of it I’d play anything to keep from playing the actual melody line. Voila!!! Improv jazz lesson learned.
I figured at the price of those harps and case, if half were decent, I’d have made a great purchase. I hope the one who got them is one of our forum friends. That would be cool!
Somebody got something NICE. I wish I had posted a pic of the set up.
I’m saving for Spec 20’s.
Hey, has anybody ever tried making a harp case out of an old cassette box? I know we had the other thread going, but I tried out a nice little case today, and the harps almost fit right, A little too much room at the ends, and the sides could be higher, but I’m going to experiment a little.


I was just curious and this question may have been asked before but does anyone on the forum
have a Harrison Harmonica.

Harp On!!

As far as I’m aware, Mr Barry will be receiving his come February:

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And Mr Edward has two arriving in March:

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With a 6-7 month back order wait, if I can plan everything out and not have any major personal upheavals here, if I can get my orders in before the end of the year, it’ll be summer before they are due to arrive.

But I’m figuring it’ll be worth it!

Keep On Harpin’!

As far as I know Brandon Bailey and Jason Ricci (see both on You Tube hawking the B-Radical) are the only people I know of. The last word I recieved regarding the delivery date of the B-Radicals are shortening because the staff they have are now fully trained and working full time on production. The addition of Sleigh and Spiers will also help to expidite matters.


Good luck on delivery of a Harrison harmonica.
Phone machine is maxed out. They don’t return emails.
I ordered mine May 2010. They put me off multiple times saying delivery time was near.
Does anybody know if they are still in business?