Haven't touched my harmonica in months.

While I am ashamed of this fact… It’s true. College and other instruments just kinda took over, anyway…

Its pretty dusty and I think it’s time for a proper head-to-toe clean up. I heard it’s bad to just soak the poor thing, so what do I do instead?

I just want it to be in tip top shape so I can get practicing again.

Hey Zummy,

Cleaning is not always a good thing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could damage the harmonica. Clean the cover plates if they are dirty. This is perfectly safe. But cleaning the reeds requires a little care. It’s easy to damage them.

You can open the coverplates of your harmonica to see the reedplates. If they look shiny and clean, put the covers back on. There’s no need to clean it. But if they look dirty, you should probably clean them. Dirty reeds make a harmonica sound out of tune.

There are lots of videos on cleaning harmonicas on YouTube. Just try searching “cleaning harmonicas”.

Cleaning the Harmonica

How to Clean a Harmonica (Mongoose free method!)

Good luck,