Having trouble making clean sound on the 2 hole and the 9 hole?

I have been playing, very hard for around 2 months now, I have a long way to go, i know, but I am having trouble with the 2 and the 9 holes, getting a clean sound. I can’t seem to get the blow to make a clean sound, I have to breath not blow, same for the 9 hole? Why?

If you’re breathing and getting it to sound, you’re doing it right. You should be breathing, not blowing to play all your notes. Your body is actually part of the instrument. Why? I don’t know that I can answer that. I just know that is how it works and sounds the best.

make sure you have the back of your tongue down otherwise you will be bending the note. Look in the mirror with your mouth open and get the back of your tongue down and lower your jaw a bit. When you start bending you will use the back of your tongue by raising it like the back of your tongue is scratching the top of your mouth and you will move it forward and back to change the pitch of the note ala bending. But learn to get clean notes first most likely your tongue is causing you problems on the 2 and 9 you want to keep it down unless bending.