he started on the 5th chord.?

on a video i saw he said he was going to start on the 5th cord
what does that mean.?
i have been playing a while but have never been to get a complete understanding of the verbal terms.
i can read music, but harp terminology seems to head of on its own track. and seems to be a lot of numbers that if you dont have a music degree is hard to follow. i love the harp because you can just play from the heart, but .?? is there antone that can explain it better… im sure there are a lot of people in the same boat… whew less talking more playing…cheers

Think chord progression is ment. This is not something specific for the harp. Trying searching for that term to discover the theory. what it comes down to like the tones in a key there are also chords in a key. these are numbered with the roman numbers (I,II,II, IV etc.). For example the V chord in the key of C is G major.


cheers for that, still not really getting what you mean. back to school i reckon…
what i was saying was in relation to this video.
his 2nd vid at 1.30… i don’t understand how it worked in what he played,.?

Check out the book Rock n’ Blues Harmonica by Jon Gindick. Think that explains it very well. A lot of blues is played with 3 chords being the I, IV and V chord progression.

yep i got the book re read about that, still dont get it yet, and it seems like in the vid adam is just playing around so does it relate to the fact he is playing a Bb harp.? or. the 5th cord of what.?

ok is it.!!
he is playing 2nd pos.??
song key F
harp Bb
so C would be the 5 chord and the note he is starting on.???

You got it! :smiley:

C is the 5th tone of the F scale and the first and root note of the C major chord (C,E,G) which is the V Chord in the key of F.

IF you want to find the I and IV Chords in the key of F:
The I chord is of course the root note F and forms the F major chord (F,A,C) which is also the starting tone of the F scale. the IV Chord is Bb (Bb,D,F)

Note the difference between tone and chord. A tone is just one hole you can blow on your harp. Combine a few tones, say blow hole 1,2 and 3 on your C harp and you have C,E,G which is a Chord. Chords are tones that sound good together.