Hear tunes you have tabs for but don't know!

I have been introduced to a program on the net called “Spotify”. Google it.
It lets you find all kinds of music, even some background music.
I found many Irish tunes and reels here when I searched:
The Irish Rovers and
The Red Rovers
You can search by tune title or artist name. It does much more but I have only been playing with it for 2 days now.
I hope ya’ll find this as interesting and helpful as I have.

Thanks! I like it already!


You could also try www.grooveshark.com

Same idea but has different licencing deals so stuff you cant find on spotify you might find on groove shark (and visa versa)

MOG.com is another one and they have a free plan. I have a Rhapsody subscription so I look up a lot of stuff on there if I can’t find it on YouTube.