Hello All!

Hello! My name is Jayson and I am fifteen years old. I’m STRONGLY considering taking up the harmonica. Reading music with the notes and whatnot has always been tough for me. So I’m hoping that I can find some tips here.

Thank you.

Peace and Love

Go for it!
It’s not necessary to be able to read music, alot of harmonica music is in tabs, if you can read numbers you can do it.

Howdy Jayson!

I’m er uh old enough…hee he! ::slight_smile:

I’m STRONGLY welcoming you here!

Back when I was your age…ahem a couple…er few more years ago…the only way I learned to play harmonica was by getting music books specifically for harmonicas.

This is what’s known as “tabbed” or “tabulature” notations. Meaning since mostly all harmonicas are numbered 1-10 on diatonics, which has something to do with Latin for 10 - Well, just follow the numbers in the tabs and play those numbers on your harmonica.

You don’t have to read music to play; eventually you might want to down the road, hopefully as you progress towards er um my age.

And still you don’t even have to buy books anymore since so many great harp tab sites are available free on the internet nowadays!

Oh, but you do have to buy the harmonicas. But it’s all good!

I hope this STRONGLY encourages you to follow up to learn, play, and have a fun life as you journey through the wide and vast harmonica universe!

Keep smiling!

Thanks for reading!

[shadow=red,left][quote] Jayson
Go for it!

[i]Right on Mike!

Welcome too!! [/i]

Thanks for the amazing advice!

Thanks a lot for the welcoming guys. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey Jayson!

What do you want to learn?

I’ll try to send you a free video.

One man band!

I like that!