Hello All

Scotty here. After years on, years off with the flute and a half- hearted attempt with the violin. I started harmonica in November of 2019 at the age of 70. Most of my playing (approx. 45 min nightly) since then was mostly a bit of a task with a rare, somewhat enjoyable session. I think those rare ones were enough of a reward to drive me on. Recently (2 months?) however, I began having fun and getting more enjoyment in playing by having enough ability to be able to (mostly) play without thinking which gave room to inject my own feeling into playing certain notes; thinking the lyrics and playing the note with some emotion to express them. That is enjoyable. I play on a Honer Special 20.


Les here: I’m 74. Been playing off and on for 45 years, but by no means a master player. These are great for breathing exercises to keep the lungs going. I’m more of a collector than a player because I have more harmonica than the number of songs I know. I have taught myself to read harmonica music and that helps me with songs I haven’t memorized.

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Hey Les! Welcome to the forum. Yes, indeed, great for the lungs. Rock on my harmonica friend.

Hey Scotty - so glad to have you here and glad to hear thing are going well with you. special 20’s are great harps. Welcome my friend!