Hello! Can someone tell me what type of harmonica is being played in this video?

Hello all this is my first post on this forum, i’ve been playing around with a dollar store harmonica for a few days, and my hohner marine band just came in the mail today. I got a harmonica mostly because i love this song so much, and i was wondering what kind of harmonica, and if you are feeling generous, some tabs for this song.

Little Stevie Wonder - Fingertips, Pt II (Live, 1963) [HD video]

Video, quite grainy.

Stevie Wonder - Fingertips (Parts 1 & 2 Live)

Original recording, superb.

So, what kind of harmonica is little stevie wonder playing? It looks pretty big in the video so i dont think its just a simple C marine band, but i really have no clue.

Thanks in advance!

Stevie is playing a chromatic harmonica, a Hohner 64, four chromatic octaves. I believe the model is a 280C.
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Would it be at all possible to play the song on a diatonic C harmonica through use of bending, overblowing, and other pitch modification techniques? Sorry i am not very musically inclined, but if i learn that it is possible i will get to work learning all the bends and overblows that i need to play this tune.

Sure! Heck, Howard Levy can play any song in any key with a C harmonica, so you should be able to as well, with nothing but a good harp and lots and lots of practice!


No. It is impossible to play like Stevie Wonder. The most you can possibly hope for on a chromatic harp is to one day sound almost as good as Toots Thielemans and only then after years and years of practice.

I have 2 of those 280C’s purchased in Hong Kong when I stopped there in the Navy in about 1986. Some day I hope to become proficient enough to determine whether or not they are counterfeits. I think I paid $35 each. I stocked up on harmonicas and Cuban Cigars. Crazy times.