Hello everybody.

Just to introduce myself :
Turned 68 in August, I started playing (seriously) harmonica in the beginning of August.
I amused myself with a Bob Dylan-Marine Band from Hohner. (diatonic)
Some weeks later, I bought a diatonic SEYDEL 1847 Classic, key of C, and a small BIG SIX, also from SEYDEL ( Blues sound, 6 holes ). - Both, IMHO easier to play … It seems, that the new Suzuki M20 is also a very good one, esspecially for bendings (?).
Really having made up my mind to master the harmonica - at least a little bit -, I ordered one, a < C > .
The seller recommended JP’s method. So, I ordered his 11 DVDs & CDs,too, and
now I’m looking forward to receive the stuff, actually decided to make some progress. :wink:
Btw.: I’m living in Western Europe, my English is not that fabulous, and the French and German languages pose less problems to me. 8)

  • Did I forget something ? :-\

Looks like you are well on the road of harmonica!

Remember to ask any questions you might or might not have!

Peace Out!


Hi BT !

Thanks a lot for your kind words and your encouragement to pose questions. :slight_smile:


Howdy and welcome.
You certainly won’t be sorry for ordering JP’s course.


Hi BB ! :slight_smile:

Studying his free lessons, you’re certainly right, and I’m looking forward to receive the course I ordered(and paid) on November 3 .
But, it’s not only a long way to Tipperary … ;D
Thanks for your posting.


Welcome oldy! We look forward to you joining our group!

I like Its A Long Way To Tipperary

What’s wrong with that?! ::slight_smile:

Many thanks Paulbunyn,

The forum seems to be very interesting, and also big fun. :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly enjoy being one of its members.


O. :slight_smile:

Hi SPD :slight_smile:
Please, don’t worry about my bad joke !
I like the song, too.
I just wanted to say, that’s not only a song talking about a long way, but me, too, because I’m still waiting for JP’s course, on its way to me, living in the center of Europe. :wink:

Is it really such a long way to Tipperary?
I like it too.


Hi BB :slight_smile:

All depends on the postal service ! ;D
By < snail >, you know, often the shortest way may be a very long one. ;D
I just received JP’s physical course, ordered on November 3 .

  • Oh happy day ! ;D

Welcome to the boards, Oldie!
Just wanted to say that for all the bad rap you’re giving yourself about your English, I’d say you’d have fooled me if you’d have told me you were from the US. Your grammar’s probably better than a good lot of native speakers… :smiley:

Many thanks for your kind words and your compliments, FP ! :slight_smile:
You make me blush ! :wink:
Yep ! - Because thanks to Webster’s and Harrap’s, I’m trying to make me understand, - otherwise I’ll be lost. ;D
I love the language, but I studied it a long long long time ago.
Fortunately, there’s the < net > to have some exercise ! :smiley:
a real oldy :slight_smile:

Hey Flatpicker! About our native tongue. I don’t remember much of our Lakota (native tongue) language, but I can tell you that what I remember ain’t English by a long shoot.
English is a foreign tongue, and I’ve learned a little of it (yuck yuck). And to quote a famous intellect: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I just had to jangle your sleigh bells a little.
You know, I am truly amazed at how many friends we receive here from countries other than English speaking ones who can navigate our language so well, while most of us in the States have very little knowlege of other tongues.



Yeah, I’ve had friends in the Netherlands and Brazil who could speak English better’n I’d every try to speak anything foreign. Most of us from the US probably would sound like Mike here:

The Monkees- Success Story Clip

The Monkees- Success Story Clip

I know I’m not supposed to, but I like the Monkees.
Thanks Picker. You’re one fine rememberer. Well done.


Glad you appreciated it, BB. :slight_smile:

I know my judgment will forever be questioned upon my saying this, but I like the Monkees, too–better than the Beatles. :o

The Dave Clark Five was better too, though I do warmly remember Lennon, Harrison, and Mr. Starkey.


I like them, too, but not on my favorites list. For some reason I always get them confused with Manfred Mann. Not sure why. Maybe because to me “Do Wah Diddy” sounds a lot like “Do You Love Me” to me? Again, I’m not sure why.

And only Lennon, Harrison, and Mr. Starkey? :smiley:

Welcome, Happy Learning from JP’s lessons.