hello everyone, glad to be aboard

this is a cool way to learn, the cough method and vibrato is hard i blow to hard when i do them. any suggestions?


What are you using them for/trying to achieve?

Just wondering…

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[center]Hi Jim, Welcome to the Forum

Throat Vibrato takes a while to learn and a lifetime to perfect.

Remember you can do it blowing out as well as drawing in.

check out JP’s explanation he does a good job describing how to do it.

Harmonica Lesson on Throat Vibrato

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welcome jimboss!
You will find vibrato described many ways. JP and Gindick describe it as an inward cough. Gindick also discribed it as imitating a machinegun sound. Jason Ricci moves his tongue in and out deep in the throat. Another suggestion (I cannot remember who to give credit to) said to just bounce/flex your belly in and out.
Vibrato is something I am just starting to work on myself. The last 2 suggestions I am having more luck playing. I am guessing this falls under the rule,“find what works for you, and do that.”
Good Luck!

Welcome! Pleased to meet you!

I think what you need is more time! But thats just a guess! Everything in life is balance, and the harmonica is no different! You’ll learn that balance eventually!

Peace Out!