Hello everyone I am new here!

Hello all you harp players,
I am new to the forum as well as new to playing the Harmonica.
I purchsed JP’s package and am presently on DVD number 5 working on lead patterns 2 through 7
I have been working with the harp for about 7 weeks now and am having kind of a hard time picking up some of the lead patterns using the bending technique. Although I am starting to bend notes I am not getting the kind of sound I would like. I am practicing at least 2 hours per day.I will stick with this section on the DVD until I grasp it!
I am also starting to play some easy songs with single notes which I do not find too difficult as long as I do not have to bend.
My main question is, should I be trying to play easy songs while I am working with JP’s course or am I going ahead of myself by doing this?
BTW I am living in Florida, St. Lucie County been here for nine years now born and raised in New York City.

This is my first post so any information will be very helpful to me!

Welcome to the forum Butch02

Lot of great info hear in the forum to help you get going. Practicing 2 hours a day, That is awesome.
For warned Harmonica grows on you and you probably carry it with you where ever you go right ::slight_smile:

Very addicting little instrument but TONS of fun :smiley:

While your going through JP’S DVD learn songs definitely nothing wrong with that.

Also try recording yourself on the computer it will also help make you a better player.

It makes sense though, while JP’S package is teaching you, you put what you learn to good practice
by learning new songs then record yourself, explore that, with computers, IPODS, and all the software
you could make yourself a mini recording studio right at home.

Don’t forget to visit the forum often for tips and strategies and also post some of your accomplishments.
Good Luck to you ;D

Harp on

Hi Joe,
Thank you for the response to my first post!
My name is Marc BTW.
I see from your posts you are an asset to this forum and this community. I certainly will take your advise and try this on my computer. You are right, I do carry my harp with me most of the time and enjoy playing whenever I can!
Thanks again,

Welcome Marc.

I haven’t used JP’s course yet, but I think you may be getting a little ahead of yourself. Remember to have fun with it.

The advice on recording is good to follow because it doesn’t sound the same to you as it does to others because a lot of the sound bounces around inside your mouth. You hear it from inside and out.

Sorry for my picture coming out sideways. I tried to fix it but it doesn’t rotate LOL

Any ideas??

My main question is, should I be trying to play easy songs while I am working with JP's course or am I going ahead of myself by doing this?

Howdy Butch! <<<name of my friend who got me into trucking when I lived in Tucson, Arizona over 25 years ago; who sadly passed away earlier this year; R.I.P. Dude! anyway…>>>

As a proud owner of the JP Allen World’s Best Home Harmonica Course bundle set myself - You too should have been given links to download all of JP’s songbooks.

I have created a special folder to hold them all.

And yet while JP doesn’t specifically talk about these songs, as he’s intense and energetic about teaching techniques from breathing to tucka toodles and bending etc – I am a very strong proponent for learning these songs.

Learning as many of them as you can and more!


Because no matter how many other riffs, licks, chugs and improvs you can play – People won’t recognize anything you’re doing until you play them a song they know!

Cases in point:

  1. Taking a break from my bike riding, sitting on the steps outside a bar, smoking a cigarette and jamming away on my GM A – guy came out, listened for a few seconds and said: “Hey, man, you know Dixie?”

Telling him I hadn’t played it in awhile, I gave him my best rendition of it I could. Guy walked off listening to it after saying: “You’re freaking-a great dude! Keep it up!”

  1. Outside a rehab center waiting to go in for my treatments, giving my lungs a morning workout, just jamming away on my Piedmont Bb – nurse walking towards the entrance slowed down to listen; but when I started playing Blowing in The Wind for her, she really brightened up.

“Hey, isn’t that Bob Dylan?” Yes it was. “Wow! You’re good. You made my day.” Leaving to where she had to be, she smiled: “Keep going! I like your style!”

  1. Standing outside my favorite Chinese restaurant waiting for my order of eggroll and cab, I was jamming away on my GM C and Lee Oskar Am – One of the Chinese girls came out to wash the windows. When I played my version of Oh Susannah, she stopped, listened, smiled and said: “I know that song! It’s one I learned in school. You’re really good!”

I thanked her. But also, every time I visit the place and stand outside playing, there’s always an extra eggroll or two in my orders!

  1. Well I can go on and on…As these are everyday occurrences.

But points being if you can’t play Happy Birthday and For He/She’s a Jolly Good Fellow; what’s referred to as Campfire songs, Old Standards, or anything people will recognize and can/may compliment you on –

Well, my thought on it is: Until you actually do, peeps will/might think you’re just making noise, not music!

And if you think you have to play these songs perfectly and exactly every time, well, check it out –

At the downtown square, after taking my break, getting ready to head home, a wedding group emerged from one of the hotels. While they were all happy taking pictures and stuff on the sidewalk, I paused a few moments, pulled out my Big River C, worked out a little ditty I never tried before.

As they were standing around, I got on my bike and slowly worked my way through the crowd, making sure I got as close to the bride as possible, while playing “The Wedding March!”

I momentarily stopped and looking at the bride said: “Congratulations! I didn’t know what to get you, so I’m playing you this!” I riffed it again out as best I could; and the unsuspecting now grateful crowd broke into applause, as I went along my way.

Bottom line is: While you’re learning all the techniques on the JP Allen dvd lessons, at whatever pace you’re going, and you play them wherever and whenever –

Please don’t forget about the other half of the harmonica universe which is playing songs and melodies people recognize and know the moment they hear them!

Not just you, but everybody who hears you will be glad you did!

So on that fine note then:

Welcome aboard, Butch aka Marc!

Have fun!

Keep us posted!


Keep on harpin’!

OH PS: INRE: Suggestions For Your Sideways Pic –

Other than redoing it to keep me from laying down looking at you, um, no!


That was a wonderful post Street Player Dude!
I will deffenetely keep up with the songs as well as JP’s lessons.
Thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts!

You’re Welcome, Butch aka Marc!


Guess now I can get up from laying down on the floor looking over at your pic too, huh?! And to think, I was comfortable also! Oh well…


Keep on jammin!

Was just doing breathing excercises laying down in the old picture :o LOL

Um, yeah, o-kay, if you say so… ::slight_smile: