Hello fellow Harp Players. I am a new member to this community


I use an EV N/D967 Flattop Vocal Mic purchased from Sam Ash for $129 and a CRATE 5 Watt Tube Amp that I bought at a Pawn Shop for $60

I would like to buy some effects, but I just purchased today, a set of 6 Suzuki Bluesmaster’s for $160 from
RockinRonsMusic4Less @ Amazon.com

Due to a poor economy, I try to be “thrifty” with my purchases and couldn’t be happier…

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Pleased to meet you!
Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!

Let us know what you think about the Bluesmaster set, that’s the set I have been thinking of buying! It would be nice to get a review before I buy. Thanks

Hi Psg nice playing really enjoyed the video,

And welcome to the forum.

harp On!!

5 years ago, I saw a “Blues Traveler” show in Delray, FL. The next day I bought my 1st Harp. I have the luxury of living across the street from the Ft. Lauderdale Beach, so I spent many a night with my dog by my side playing to the surf and sky. Within 2 to 3 months, I started jamming with a friend who is a “Neil Young” addict. Fortunately, Neil plays mostly in a “G” and that’s what I had. It became time to expand my horizons, so I bought a “A” and a “C” After another 6 months of practice, I would bring them to local venues that I frequented. “Crazy Fingers” a S. Florida “Grateful Dead” Cover Band (good friends for about a dozen years) invited me on stage for a song. Since then, I’ve guested with bands from Asheville, NC to Key West, FL. For now, I am Upstate NY and jamming Sundays at Jerry’s Inn, Bainbridge, NY from 4-8. We play for tips to give to the local Food Kitchen, so we can help feed the less fortunate. My influences come from Blues, Folk and Jamband. I am a nonconformist, so I play “Freestyle” with technique. I feel the music and feed off of the energy in the room. When the “Vibe” is good, I play rather well. Not a whole lot of consistency. I’m looking to take it to the next level…

Joe - A humble “Thank You” I am my own worst critic. I’ve done better, unfortunately not recorded…

paulbunyn - I’ve done some recent research on “Suzuki Harps” amazing how pricey they can get, but the quality is supposed to be unsurpassed. The Bluesmaster’s were in my price range for now, and show excellent reviews. They should arrive in about a week or so. I’ll keep you posted…

Burning Thunder - much appreciated…

paulbunyn -

I just got ‘em in today. The 1st Set that actually came out of the Box “in tune” I like the way they sound, the rounded edges are nice. This weekend should be some breakin’ in time.

To Be Continued…

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Sounds good! Tryin to find some that aren’t whisker grabbers but sound good.
I like SP 20’S but they will grab a whisker.

Try the Suzuki Bluesmaster. It has full covers and no vents, it shouldn’t grab.

Thanx, that’s the ones we are talking about. Hope I can get them while they are on sale! Puttin money toward lessons andgoing to Blues Festivals rite now.

I have a chance to get a ProMaster pretty cheap (relatively).
I may have to try to put some pennies together.


paulbunyn -

I am really enjoying my new “Suzuki Bluesmasters”
To date, the “Best” Harps I’ve ever had…
I believe that they are higher quality than the “Hohners
and Lee Oskars” within the similar price range.
If you can afford to, I suggest you get 'em “ASAP”
Their are only 2 available at the $160 level


Hi PS and welcome.

New here myself but have found everyone to be very helpful and knowledgeable.

Live long, play hard

Hi Andy,

A “Big Thank You” to JP Allen who had the vision to link us “Harpy’s” together.
Much respect to JP and the members of this forum that have welcomed us with open arms and share their “Knowledge and Wisdom” to promote our individual successes

Welcome Aboard…

Let the Music do the Talkin’ - Steven Tyler