Hello friends - I'm from Canada

My name is Pam. I started searching for Harmonica instructors in 2014 and settled with JP as I thought his free lessons seemed doable to me. I’m glad I did, but wanted to explore other harmonica players as well to compare their techniques. Well, my brain became overwhelmed with information. To make this short, I got stuck and feel I should be farther along than I am. I consider myself to be not much more than the beginner level after 5 years (and am feeling a little embarrassed about that).
I’m really happy to see this forum running again.
Looking forward to moving forward!

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Hey Pam - nice to meet you. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed - it’s not a race! The whole point is to relax and have fun!

I’ve been practicing Tai Chi for 6 years. The form I’m learning is 108 movements. Many people learn the whole thing in 1 year, but it took me 6. Who cares? The cool thing for me is, I stuck with it, and now I can actually do the whole form, which as been a goal of mine for 6 years!

What is your goal with the harmonica?


Hi Luke! It’s weird that you mention Tai Chi in this post. I just started Tai Chi 2 weeks ago.
We actually met a few years ago, as I was learning from your video lessons.
As far as my goal with the harmonica - I just want to better myself in finding my way around the harmonica and try to play by ear with ease and confidence.

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Greetings Canada, and everyone else I am also from Canada. I’ve been playing the guitar for many years but only took up the harp about 6 months ago. I watched JP’s introductory lessons and have a couple of courses going on Udemy. I’ve taken a break from the courses recently to practice single note playing. I took it up because a friend plays but also a fellow jammer plays and he is so good I thought I must give that a try. Anyway, it’s going OK. I do have some problems for which I’ll find another thread to about.

Hi Bluesscale. Was wondering if you’re taking Ben Hewlette’s courses on Udemy? If so, he’s a funny guy, isn’t he?
I just joined this forum a couple of days ago and any questions I had were promptly addressed. It’s a friendly place to be. Where in Canada do you live? I’m in Ontario.

Hi Pam. I’m from Canada as well. The Sunshine Coast of BC to be exact. I have been messing around, mostly messing up, playing the harp for like, 30 years. \I play ukulele and a lot of blues on it. I figured it’s time to bring out the harpin’ in me now, so, I’ve decided to sign up for the \happy H|arpin’ online course. Seems as good a place to start as any. Looking forward to getting started!!

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I think you’ll enjoy it here, Sir-Uke-A-Lot (cool name). I think I will too. Both JP and Luke seem eager to help out. I have friends in Squamish, B.C. They send me pictures and it looks absolutely beautiful there.

@emptyspace very cool Pam. Tai Chi has been helpful for me with music from the standpoint of doing things with only the least amount of energy to execute a task, and no more.

We tend to always introduce more tension than we need to to accomplish things.

Happy we get to reconnect here! Play on…

@Sir-Uke-A-Lot Blues on the ukulele? Very cool. I love it!

The harmonica and the ukulele are two of my favorite instruments because:
1.) they’re 2 of the cheapest instruments
2.) they’re 2 of the most portable instruments (easy to take into nature)
3.) they sound great, even in inexperienced hands!

I’m happy to listen to beginners strum on the uke. It’s relaxing. Can you say the same thing about violin or trumpet? :thinking:

Same thing with harmonica. It’s harmonized! There aren’t really “wrong notes” to play. GENIUS!

I find them to be a couple of the sweetest, most joy-spreading little instruments.

Welcome to the forum @Sir-Uke-A-Lot. May your harmonica adventures be rich and fulfilling.

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Hey @bluesscale - Seeing a lot of folks from Canada around here!

I also got turned onto harmonica because a friend of mine who I was jamming with started playing and sounded amazing.

Single note playing is fundamental, and your wise to work on mastering it.

Welcome to the forum!

Hey Luke. Let the good times roll!!

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