Hello from another newcomer...

After years of listening to music and watching musicians enviously I decided to stop watching and start doing. I’ve been learning the Ukulele…after my recent month in Hawaii… and I’m really enjoying it. Now I want to step into the Harmonica arena to see if there is any hope for me there as well :smiley:

You should go back to Hawaii, I hear there is a pretty good harmonica teacher there ;D

Welcome to the board.

Welcome 1 of 7. Do you know 7 of 9? Sorry…had to say that.
I’m glad you’re here. Gregmatique is correct. I wish you had discovered the forum before your month in Paradise. Well, anyway, this will be your little corner of paradise now. You can just entertain yourself with the family here, or you could actually learn a lot. I’m amazed at what I’ve picked up here…and I mean the good stuff. Just joking. There are a bunch of fine people here. I sure like the forum, even though I can’t participate like I once did. I can’t stay away though.
By the way…Howdy Spud!


HA! Thank you, BB. I got a good chuckle from that. :smiley:

Welcome, jb!

Glad you joined our group! Make sure and ask any questions!