Hello from Arizona


Hi, My name is JoAnn. I was raised in Oregon but have lived in Arizona now for 13 years.
I am Married, 48, and have 3 grown sons and 2 grandchildren.
My passions are horses and photography.


I own 2 horses and do quite a bit of trail riding throughout our mild winter weather.

I had thought about learning the harmonica off and on for several years but didn’t take the time to look into it until last weekend. After a little research I decided on a Lee Oscar “C” Harmonica.
I got it for about $10. from Amazon. It arrived in the mail less than one week ago.

My goal is to learn how to play good enough to play songs during our trail rides in the desert.
[center] [/center]

I have been trying to learn the basics from all the free instructional videos on the on the internet I can find. Would love to purchase instructional DVD’s but the cost of feeding dogs, cats, chickens and horses and a 4x4 pickup doesn’t leave me with much. I am hoping to eventually find some good used DVD’s .

Meanwhile I am practicing at least an hour a day. Sometimes 2 or 3! There are a lot of trail rides ahead and I want to have at least a few memorized. I hope to play it at our campfires as well.

Anyway, that is who I am and my long term goals.

If anyone knows anyone who is selling gently used DVD’s please do pass on information to me. I can’t afford much more than one or two at a time.

Thanks :wink:

You got a Lee oskar for $10.00 :o

I’m going to check right now and see if I can get that deal.

Howdy Arizona! And Equus Keepus Brokus to you this fine morning.
I like the video and the music selection. Can we have some Sons of the Pioneers too?
A $10 LO is great. I got a great deal on mine, but I paid more than that! Good shopping!
You remind me of my wife. She will find the best price every time. She’s a great gal.


They aren’t 10.00 right now :frowning:

Howdy JoAnn!

Ah the great US western outdoors of our Grand Canyon State and Sonoran Desert…

Such memories there! ::slight_smile:

Don’t know where you’re at in relation to Tucson, but by looks of the saguaro cacti can’t be too far as the crow flies, eh?! :slight_smile:

Meaning, one of our oldest members here, MikePipe, just might have a buddy to jam along with. I see an AZ harmonica club forming already!! :wink:

Hope you signed up for JP Allen’s free email lessons; and taking a nice ambling pace through many of our posts, you’ll find plenty of easy songs to hitch up to and play while out on the trail! :smiley:

So welcome!

Have fun!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

I live in Salome. We are 60 miles West of Wickenburg on Hwy 60. They hold a fiddlers Jam 3 times a year just down the road from us. Their first one is/was this weekend. There are about 30 RV’s parked in an empty lot across the street from the Lions Club where they hold it. You could probably bet money that I’d find someone there that knows harmonica but I am too shy to go up to strangers and ask for help. http://www.azoutback.com/fiddling.htm
There will be 2 more , in January and April.

I went to Amazon to look up my buying history and it says I paid $25. for the Harmonica but on my debt card they only charged me $9.99 so maybe I had some discount I didn’t know about. I’ll have to see if I can find the invoice. Sorry bout that you guys- to get your hopes up ::slight_smile:

Now I put the Hohner Special 20 Major Diatonic Harmonica on my “wish list”. ($31.99) What key do I want that in? C? It will be awhile till I can get it. First I want to save for the pair of “Getting ready for the Campfire CD’s” ?? I can’t find the page to get the correct name. They are like $29.00 or $39. I don’t remember where I seen them and cant find them now.

Yes I have signed up for the e-mail lessons and there are other free lessons on another site as well. And I have found other harmonica hobbyists that make their own you tube how to clips. I dig for all the free internet information I can find. I also saved many song tabs and printed them to study. I also got a beginners book on Amazon which after studying so much on the internet before it came in the mail most of the instruction is just review. There are songs in it as well. I do want to learn notes though and not have to only rely on the #'s and arrows but I do like them the best to practice and memorize songs. I practice at least an hour a day and don’t even have to push myself to do it. I am driven to learn some songs by heart to be able to play during our trail rides.

I enjoy making videos out of our rides.( I combine my Equine and photography passions that way) I also keep a ride Journal on Blogger.com. http://az-equine-trailridingjournal.blogspot.com/

Here is another video I made from a ride we did a year ago. The song is one provided from You Tube but I haven’t been able to find the name of the song or the artist. I really enjoy listening to it…

11 1 09 Verde River Ride

Oh and I made this one for “Longrider” Bernice Ende-

Bernice Ende - 3000 Mile Long Ride

She came through Salome 2 years ago and she stayed one night at our home. The next 2 days as she headed towards Phoenix I drove water and food out to her and made several video clips of her going down the road. I originally put “Free and Easy” with the video I peaced together but you know You tube-- Had to change the audio track. Sadly, earlier this year the horse she was riding broke her leg in a freak accident and had to be put down. Bernice almost threw in the towel on her 7000 ride but someone donated her a replacement horse so she continued with her ride. I still keep updated with her ride and keep in touch with her. I have met 4 equestrian Long Riders within 5 years as their routes came through Salome and I stay in touch with all of them. We get hundreds of bicyclists through here too. I only host the equestrian travelers though. I hope to do my own long ride someday but I think I have already gotten too far off topic so I won’t get into that right now :wink:

I will be going on a trail ride Saturday, next weekend with a couple friends and hope to have at least 2 songs memorized. I can do Shenandoah all the way through without looking at the tabs but I still slip up a lot. I hope to have it down by next weekend. I made a couple videos and showed them to my son’s girlfriend and got encouragement. She suggested I teach my Grand kids.

I do have one question for you people. What is the best way to clean a harmonica? Is it safe to run hot soapy water through it than use a blow-dryer to dry it? Would that work or is there a better way?

Thanks again for the warm welcome and I will visit here often to learn.


Welcome, AZ_Equine. You will run out of free stuff way before you are ready. That’s the way it goes. I don’t have JP’s stuff as of yet, but I am part of Harmonica Academy. Tony Eyers from down under designed the course. He plays very fast fiddle tunes, really fun. Hiscoarse has helped me alot. I’ve only been playing since January of ‘09. not that long, hope that you get as much enjoyment from the harmonica as I and all the others on this site. Keep it FUN and Happy Harpin’!
Tyson i.e. Tyman, i.e. ofopos


Hi JoAnn,

Welcome to the forum to answer your question about cleaning I found this youtube that pretty much somes it up.

Cleaning Your Harmonica

I personally would only go that deep into it when something is definitely not sounding right.

Harp On!!

Thanks, I bookmarked Harmonica Academy. And thanks for the audio clip, very nicely done, did you do that?

And Joe, thanks for the video :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you. AZ_Equine
Joe, pretty good video, but it doesn’t tell you to be careful around those reeds. They are pretty delicate, so just be careful!

Ya good point Tyson

Harp on!!

It also doesn’t tell you to mark the reed plates when you take them off. Be sure to do that so you don’t switch them and come up with some accidental special tuning.

try www.harptabs.com and www.harmonicacountry.com for all the songs you can stand for a year or two!!! Don’t worry about learning notes, in the grand scheme of it all it won’t matter at all.

Thanks Paul, I’ll take a look and refill the ink in my printer Lol.

I have Shenandoah almost completely memorized now, next I want to add “Home on the Range” to my long term memory so I’ll have at least a couple to play on the trail when we ride next Saturday. If someone takes a video I’ll put it on you tube and share- if they don’t hassle me about copyrights Lol.

JP did an audio update on cleaning and caring for harmonicas.
I’m sure it’s on the forum somewhere. He covered the general needs pretty well.
BTW, I love Salami (on rye especially). Oh, you said Salome…well, never mind.
Thanks for all the vids.


Howdy JoAnn:

Am happy to read you’re getting along just fun er um fine around here!! hehehe!!

Plenty of peeps to keep you motivated for sure!

Now though, when it comes to this:

What is the best way to clean a harmonica? Is it safe to run hot soapy water through it than use a blow-dryer to dry it? Would that work or is there a better way?
Before doing any work on your harps, I urge you to please read through our posts under the Harmonica Maintennance section.

You’ll find plenty of topics to get you well-informed and ready when you finally do sit down and open your harp(s) for the very first time.

Additionally, since you’ve scored well on your Lee Oskar C – it would probably be a good investment obtaining a Lee Oskar tool kit and manual to work on it.

By the same token, the tool kit can/will be used for other harps. I use it all the time.

And who knows, lightening may strike twice and you’ll get a nice discount on that as well!

In any event, good luck!

Keep us posted!

quick shout out to BB:

Yeah I always like my Salome with a good slathering of Rita Hayworth too! hehehehehe!!


Rock on, yo!!

Hey JoAnn,

I just want to personally welcome you to the Forum…as you can see it’s a happenin’ place…

I’ve really enjoyed watching your equestrian videos…you’re doing a beautiful job with them and in piecing in the music…very enjoyable! How perfect to combine photography, horses and harmonica…

I’m happy to hear that you are accessing my free harmonica lessons and getting the most out of them…and I’d be excited to continue to support you in learning to play the best you can…

Your harmonica buddy,


Thanks jp.
I am doing good with the single notes but bending and the 2 hole draw I am finding to be quite challenging. I will have to find someone to show me. I live in a small town that doubles in size in the winter with the winter visitors. We are only 40 minutes from Quartzite. Anyway there are a lot of Jazz players who get together and play once a week. Eventually I might break down and seek their guidance. There has to be at least one who plays harmonica- I hope.

I will have someone take a video if me playing on the trail Saturday.


Very cool JoAnn,

Can’t wait to see it.

It’s gonna be great.

Harp On!!

Howdy JoAnn!

I am doing good with the single notes but bending and the 2 hole draw I am finding to be quite challenging.
Welcome to the vast and mighty Harmonica Universe!

If bending was easy, everybody would be doing it right off the bat.

Nobody says anything about it being easy - Rather they say just keep at it, and it will come eventually. However long that takes, well, only time will tell, so please continue to have fun and be patient with yourself!

We have plenty of threads and posts here to help everyone on this as well; so feel free to look around. {Am working on another lesson about it too; just have to get everything together and write it down. Hehehehe! Stay tuned…}

I will have to find someone to show me.

You’re absolutely correct in that observation. Meaning, it’s one thing to hear it on recorded lessons - be they vids, cds and dvds - Yet when you hear it demonstrated/done ‘live’ by somebody, and they can confirm you’re getting it, this really helps.

So with that being said, you may consider our open invitation at the harmonicaclub.com website and chat room. Every little bit helps, for sure!

Well until next time:


Happy Trails!

Keep on Harpin’!