Hello From Australia

G’day from Australia. My name is David and I started playing harp over 50 years ago. But in many aspects I am still a beginner as there is much to learn. Currently I am enrolled with the Harmonica Academy and studying mostly Irish Fiddle Tunes. But, I really want to learn country.

Here are some samples of stuff to give you an idea of my playing:




In reality I have only been playing these last 3 years as I did not play after age 15 until age 65 ie a 50 year break.

Sounded good there, mate!

You a fan of Glenn Weiser by any chance?

I just played his instructional tape on fiddle tunes after lo these many years.

Dude is really intense! But he knows his sh…tuff for sure! :slight_smile:

Good Day David, I’m kinda new at this my aw heck you know me…I think you’ll like it here it’s pretty busy it seems there’s always some one to bounce harp ideas off of.

Harp on!!