Hello from Australia

Hello all,
My name is Colin and I am from the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.
I have always loved the sound of the harmonica and have just bought my first after looking at JP’s YouTube and website. I am 65 years young and am looking forward to learning how to play this instrument as well as I can. I like the simple and considerate teaching style of JP and soon I hope to buy his harmonica learning package
Looking forward to talking and learning with you all.

Howdy Colin!

You’ll have fun learning from JP’s lessons for sure…

As we have several fine members on the forum from your neck of the woods, hopefully you’ll run into them here and there where you’re at as well!




Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome! Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!

Peace Out!


Hi Colin,

I am from Brisbane so if I can help at anytime just let me know. I purchased JP’s bundle late last year and it’s the best thing I did to get me started on learning to play this little instrument.

This is a great forum so feel free to ask any questions and any number of the more experienced players are only too willing to assist. All the best.

Thank you all for your kind words of welcome and I look forward to developing my skills with this lovely little instrument the harmonica. Hello fellow Queenslander Keith in Brisbane, thank you also for your offers of help, I may take you up on some advice on buying JP’s full learning package. I have been going softly softly to start with by learning some of the basics from JP’s excellent short videos, making sure I get the soft mouth with no puckering etc. No doubt I will soon commit myself to purchasing the lessons package.
Cheers, Colin

Hey Colin,

Welcome to the forum. I’m glad you found me and that you’re ready and inspired to learn. Let me know if I can help you on your way. Have loads of fun!

Your harmonica buddy,