Hello, from Brisbane Australia


First day with Happy Harpin and I just thought that I would say Hi to everybody. I am looking forward to talking and playing with you over the next few months/years. I have been meaning to play the Harmonica for years but never actually got around to it, but now I have finally done it!

Anyway, until next time… Beefy

Hi there!
I’m also from Brisbane ( well about 90 Km west of Brissie). I also just started with lessons today, but have been messing with the harmonica for the last week or so. I love it. Maybe we can get together some time to jam once we’ve finished most of these lessons.

I went totally gangbusters today and completed the first eleven lessons :slight_smile:

See you around!

Sounds good to me,

I think that I have a little way to go before I will be jamming with anybody though, all that I am doing at the moment is pissing of my partner with my Tucka Tooka lol.

But do keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on and maybe we could catch up in a little while when both of us are more competent players. I look forward to hearing from you again.

All the best and Happy Harpin

My partner is away for the weekend so I am taking advantage of pissing of my dog for two days ;D

Tucka tooka sounds pretty good, though!

From my experience of learning three other instruments, the harmonica is a lot quicker to sound good on. My guess is that once I’m through this series, I’ll be well prepared to start jamming ( even if just keeping rhythm) with others.

JP hasn’t emphasised so far the need to keep time by tapping feet for example, or using a metronome. He is introducing it subtly in each lesson ( though no tapping of feet yet). I tap my foot with every tooka and every tucka. This is essential if you are going to play with a band or any other musician. Might as well get used to it now.

Stay in touch! :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Lucky you, having the house to your self. I do find it hard to get a bit of “me” time, but I am doing quite well with my lessons, I am now just about to do lesson #26 and I can’t get enough, every time I have done one lessons I need to do another.

I do here what you say about taping your feet and I have been doing that without thinking anyway, it does help when you are just playing solo and practicing on your own.

Speak to you soon.

These lessons are rather addictive :slight_smile: I’m also up to Lesson 26 at the moment. Short, sweet and makes you want to progress to the next one. I’m seriously sucking down my internet data quota for this month!