Hello from Canada

Hi All
well i am 55 and my wife is younger
I just started playing harmonica with my wife ,Rachelle .

we are at the same level…#1

we have the learning lessons and it seems so easy ,the way the lessons start.
My son in law playes guitar so we have someone to jam with.
we have a special 20 and a manji <<C

the special 20 seems easier to play . but the manji was not playing well at first but seems to be more responsive after a bit of playing .
we play a few hours a day .
my wife is at home off from work recovering for cemo and radiation.and i am on disability.
well i hope to be posting.
and till then

practice and have fun all


Glad you could both join us here! It’s a big advantage to have another harp player to learn with and to have a guitar player at hand too is unheard of! Let us know if we can help!

hi thanks for the hello…Paul

nice to be here …
oh how could i have forgot about my daughter …playes the bass guitar.
i also have an old
hammond organ.
i do not know how to play the organ , but i only pretend to play, blues on it … ,

i or we just jam , and i guess we make new songs . …
or whatever it it , he he

Glad you’re here!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!